Mid Week Happy Hour | Strawberry Spritzer | Vodka and White Wine Cocktail

Hello! I am back with this week’s cocktail! I love strawberries and I love strawberry spritzer! Mixing that love with the alcohol of the month and taa-daa, we have the cocktail! This is mostly vodka and white wine cocktail but I love to call it with its native flavour.

Vodka and White Wine Cocktail

When I hear vodka and white wine cocktail, I instantly think of sangrias. But personally, I like sangria made with red wine and a generous amount of spiced rum! So, I found a better alternative to white wine sangria – strawberry spritzer.

94% of the American households consume strawberries, so it’s definitely a pantry item and you can make it at home – ANYTIME!

I use a muddler to crush my strawberries, you can definitely coarsely grind it, strain and use!

I love chardonnay but for this particular cocktail, I am using Sauvignon Blanc. This is one of the best summer cocktail and I absolutely suggest this for a pool side summer afternoon! I love to sip it in my patio while I enjoy my favourite books.

Don’t mix drinking with driving! Enjoy

Strawberry Spritzer – Sweetly Spiked!

Featured Image: Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

  1. Vodka is my favourite drink am missing it very much. Now I am inspired I need to get a drink soon. I have to try out with white wine. Both are my preferences, You made my day dear. Well I have noticed you have a good section on cocktail drinks, like it.

  2. I tried your white wine recipe, it was a real hit, too good. I am not a big fan of strawberry but after the last experience, I’m getting the confidence to try this too. I Will let you know the feedback.

    1. Wow! This made my day! I am so glad you love the white wine mojito! This one is my favourite! Waiting for your feedback 🙂

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