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Have you ever had those days when you check your bar and realize that you don’t have one of those fancy liqueurs?

I don’t keep certain liqueurs at home because I know I am not going to drink them too often. Having said that, you will always find everything else in my bar – enough to make some amazing cocktails!

Coffee liqueur is something that I love but I don’t keep in my bar for obvious reason. I don’t drink it too often and I hate the pressure of finishing it as soon as I can after opening the sealed bottle!

Making coffee liqueur at home takes a li’l time. But I promise, you can make it with everything you have at home. Also, you can make in any amount you want. All you have to keep in mind are the ratio.

Sharing my go-to drink when I am my lowest! Most of the things in my house is spiked, isn’t it? This is rum-based but coffee liqueur tastes the best when made with vodka base.

Add some more vodka or rum to the coffee liqueur on the rocks and you have Black Russian. Add milk and some white or whipped cream and you know your spiked cold coffee is going to win hearts. Also, it is called the White Russian!

The recipe is a li’l elaborate. Enjoy.

Drinking is cool. Driving is cooler. Mixing the two is NOT. Drink responsibly.

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