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Work With Me!

Hey there! Firstly, thank you for dropping by and considering this blog for a prospect for brand collaboration.

Here are a few brands with whom I have worked in the past(this list is not exhaustive!):


and many more!


For collaborations, you can please email me at

I also do brand collaborations where the primary medium is Instagram. You can check out my Instagram profile here.

The sponsored posts are always written with a personal touch and they are completely honest. I avoid writing any generic content.

This blog is a personal blog and talks about almost everything under the sun. I love reading and hence have worked with many notable authors for reviewing their books. Below are some of the book reviews:

I love to go out and explore as many places as I can. So yes, I travel and blog a lot about them, including luxurious hotel brands.

I have also worked with beauty, fashion and health and fitness brands from time to time.

Here are some of the collaborations done in the past:

Have you seen my IG feed?

All the content of this website, unless otherwise mentioned, solely belongs to Sushmita Malakar. Love it, share it but don't copy!

Picture Credits : Rohan Raizada