Woody Tales By Sumita

Woody Tales is a beautiful initiative taken by my sister, Sumita, who understands that it is important for a home to have it’s own identity with all the customisation that one would want.

As a mother to a young handsome boy, she also understands that a home with kids needs things which are not just sturdy but are also less hazardous to the health. She crafts her handmade wooden goodies using natural and non-hazardous material and, of course, love.

Here is a peak into the world of Woody Tales!

Woody Tales is born out of abstract ideas. It was never a dream; it was just an accidental thought that led to things which relate many of us. The purpose is to give a face to the ideas, thoughts and designs that we always have in mind but at the same time, were scared to have them materialized.

Woody Tales understands your love for your living space and uses art inspirations to showcase that love on wood. Woody tales will customize the beauties and utilities that you choose to adorn your house as per your mood. It will try its best that your home gets special attention with its presence as well as it will time help you organize your home in a unique way.

Woody tales crafts décor pieces which have its each and every raw material handpicked and finished personally to give superior quality and special touch.

A name plate gives a house an identity of a home. Woody Tales presents customized assortment of wooden name plates to brighten up your entrance.

Primary material – Wood. High grade wood cut and sanded to perfection. You will never find any Woody Tales product made of scrap wood or compressed wood.

Decoration – Premium quality water based paints and mixed mediums because Woody Tales loves the mother Earth and its environment.

Finish – Premium quality water based clear top coat having low Voc, which is not just environment friendly but also protects your precious product without any change in color.

Essentials – Lots of love, hard work and creativity.

Woody Tales has completely renovated her home. Every item used has a nice back story. Enjoy the amazing pictures!

And they are hand crafted and hand painted. Even the chairs and the dressers!

Customised gifts are the coolest. Here are few amazing customised gifts – you can gift them to your friends or to, well, yourself!

Remember, everything is handmade with love!

You can see all the creations and place your orders by visiting Woody Tales’ Facebook or Instagram page.