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I know that it is difficult to read all the posts listed in the archives. If you haven’t explored all the tabs and the series mentioned on the website, let me help you take a mini-tour of My World by suggesting a few of my favourite posts.

My world is full of happy, sad, elating, overwhelming and amazing experiences. And I love to talk about them!

Life with a Toddler.

Remember when we were small how summer vacations meant one mandatory trip to our maternal…


(This post has been picked by BlogAdda as the WOW post.) My Undefined Fear I know I am scared.…

Featured Image_Baba's Girl

Baba’s girl!

Probably the most cliched thing is to write about your ____________(fill in the appropriate person)…


At times, In(di)spire comes up with just the right topic. The 13th Edition of this…

Our MARUTI 800

I guess I should change the tittle to “our purani MARUTI 800″.  No, it is…

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Also, I use a lot of graphics in a lot of my posts. One of the amazing sources is Paperless Post. This site sorts out sending and keeping track of your invitations! I love it!

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