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Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021

Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021

2012 saw the first-ever Austin Food and Wine festival. I moved to Austin three years ago and always wanted to go. And my dream came true in 2021. After the event got…

Teneral Cellars

Raising an Empowering Toast | Teneral Cellars

This post was sponsored by Teneral Cellars as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. I have always believed that wine…

White Wine Cocktail | White Wine Mojito

Midweek Happy Hour | White Wine Mojito

I hate it too when I don’t post for the mid-week happy hour! But here I am, back with a new alcohol for the month. It’s white wine. And given the busy…

Mid Week Happy Hour | Pink Lemonade | Wine Cocktail

Yay! The last wine cocktail of the month is going to one of my favourites! Rose wine cocktails are absolutely a delight and they are the best summer cocktails to try. I…

Mid Week Happy Hour | Tipsy Facts about Wine

Hello February! This is the month of love – absolutely! And which alcohol is the most romantic of all? Without a doubt, it is wine! I can never get enough of it…

5 Christmas Cocktails You Have to Try!

Whenever Christmas is around, I feel super pumped up. There are some obvious reasons like it has been a childhood favourite festive season. And then there are some not-so-obvious- reasons like so…

#AtoZChallenge | S

So yes, its a wine weekend! I am talking about sangria today. A classic sangria consists of red wine, a li’l amount of some other liqueur, preferably brandy and chopped fruits with…

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