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“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

Whiskey is a drink for long nights and deep conversations! Sharing some fascinating facts and great cocktails you can make with whiskey! 

Mango Whiskey Sour | Easy Whiskey Cocktails at Home | Sushmita Malakar

Easy Whiskey Cocktails at Home | Mango Whiskey Sour

The only thing I am asked to share lately is a variety of easy whiskey cocktails at home. Now, I ultimately believe that you can only enjoy a good whiskey or scotch…

12 Days of Christmas Cocktails | Hot Apple Cider Chai

12 Days of Christmas Cocktails | Hot Apple Cider Chai

I think 12 days of Christmas Cocktails is the series to which I have committed so honestly and truthfully! I love how I spent my weekends in mixing and perfecting these drinks!…

Fall Cocktails | Fall Cocktail Recipes

Midweek Happy Hour | Fall Cocktails | Apple Pie Bourbon

While I come from a place where there is no fall per se, but the weather definitely calls for some comforting cocktails! I am guilty of not sharing any posts for the…

For the love for Whiskey!

Whiskey has no season! And whiskey has no reason. But sometimes, the nude whiskey is not what you want. And exactly this want of mine forced me to go on a quest…

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