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Holi Cocktails | Turmeric Gin and Tonic

Holi Cocktails – I have to add my drinks to this list, right? Holi is just around the corner and I am sure looking for some Indianized boozy drinks is a task.…

White Wine Cocktail | White Wine Mojito

Midweek Happy Hour | White Wine Mojito

I hate it too when I don’t post for the mid-week happy hour! But here I am, back with a new alcohol for the month. It’s white wine. And given the busy…

Beer Cocktail | Mango Beer

Mid Week Happy Hour | Mango Beer | Beer Cocktail

I think summers are the best time to enjoy cocktails! Cocktails can be made flavourful and refreshing. And summers are the best time to get some excellent fresh fruity flavours. And it’s…

Beer cocktail | Summer beer cocktail

Midweek Happy Hour | Beergarita | Beer Cocktail

No summer is complete without beer. And no Texan summer is complete without some frozen or on the rocks margarita. I never imagined that these two can be combined. It’s not possible…

Beer Cocktails | Ice Tea Cocktails | Summer Cocktails

Midweek Happy Hour | Sweet Tea Lager | Beer Cocktail

Before we jump onto this super easy beer cocktail, Happy National Iced Tea Day! I talked about some amazing beer facts last week. June is the peak summertime, and some really cold iced drinks…

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