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Let’s talk about this thing we love to hate and hate to love! Life without social media is bliss but do you think it’s possible?

Food Obsessed Millennial | Pizza | Food

The Food Obsessed Millennial

*rant alert* Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend. We established that the food industry is probably the most profitable industry to invest in. Well, of course. People will always…

Of Hashtags.

Instagram has certainly grabbed my attention off lately. Initially, I took it as visual version of Facebook. However, there is so much more to it. I always wondered that probably putting up…

Why I love Instagram!

This is no promotional post. But for the very first time, I feel like writing about and endorsing this particular social media platform where you can post pictures. Just pictures.This post is…

Our favourite Racist – WhatsApp.

Before you judge me, I know many of you won’t agree with the title and thus the further blabbering, but I had to let this out. WhatsApp has become an integral part…

Have you seen my IG feed?

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