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“Anything is possible with sunshine and a glass of rosé wine.”

I love rose wine! End of discussion. The fizz, the crispiness and the wonderful colour and smell are enough reasons to love this elixir of life!

Mid Week Happy Hour | Pink Lemonade | Wine Cocktail

Yay! The last wine cocktail of the month is going to one of my favourites! Rose wine cocktails are absolutely a delight and they are the best summer cocktails to try. I…

Mid Week Happy Hour | Tipsy Facts about Wine

Hello February! This is the month of love – absolutely! And which alcohol is the most romantic of all? Without a doubt, it is wine! I can never get enough of it…

Elixir called Rosé!

This summers, I conducted a poll on my newly renovated website(yes, bragging much). So, Rosé is a clear winner. I was not really expecting this. At least, in my circle, Rosé is…

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