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Cute Fall Decor Ideas

Happy Fall, Y’all | Cute Fall Decor Ideas

I am that person who believes in celebrating everything! And 2020 is not a kind year. 2020 is the reason big enough to celebrate every spirit – to lift our own spirits!…

My Li'l Travel Book | Sushmita Malakar | 3 Day Itinerary for Budapest

My Li’l Travel Book | Amazing 3 Day Itinerary for Budapest

Disclaimer: This is a trip taken back in 2018. Considering the present COVID19 situation, I don’t endorse any travelling. Even though travelling across some countries is allowed in Europe, please check with…

Facts about Yosemite

7 Interesting facts about Yosemite National Park

I am enjoying writing about my pending travel stories. Yosemite National Park happens to be the first National Park I have been to in the US. Thanks to the COVID19 situation, it…

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