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When you have the Best Boss Ever!

This post took more time than I anticipated! But I have been wanting to post this since I left Delhi(well, is that a piece of news to you?!). I have been completely…

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Of Chaos, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

It’s not a Monday. It’s Tuesday. Yet, I find it as difficult as a Monday morning to drag myself out of my bed to welcome the new day. Welcome? No, not really.…

8 Things You Will Relate to If your Boyfriend is from Kanpur!

[Disclaimer: The content may be linguistically objectionable! Also, I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiment. I love my Kanpuriya. Please take this one in a sporting spirit!] Update: I married this guy last year.…

Bura Mano Because Dignity.

[One post from 2017 which holds true even today. I so wish that the sad state of affairs changes, someday! *sigh*]From the very beginning, I hate this festival called Holi. I have…

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You know they are your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when..

[Update: I wrote this back in 2015. After that, though I have met my school peeps, we all were together after a long time in years very recently. I am just overwhelmed…

Game of Thrones : From the Diary of a non Fan girl!

I am caught up between laughing fits and pure sympathy for this variety of human species. They are quiet handful in number – more than 10 million worldwide – who watch this…

The Art of Ghosting

I have been planning to post this blog post since I don’t know when. But I guess now is the right time. There are a lot of dating terms, which are pretty…

Life with a Toddler.

Remember when we were small how summer vacations meant one mandatory trip to our maternal grandparents’ house? I am sort of reliving that time after my parents became grandparent – thanks to…

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