A “beautiful” Post :D

I thought the boring exams of mine were only thing that were keeping me from writing, but no, I guess my laziness does.

Working out and learning how to drive a car have worn me out very badly (oh yes, I’m 18 and still don’t know how to drive, and honestly driving a car is so difficult! If I knew driving is going to be so difficult, then I would have better enrolled in some other class! I’ll be writing about my driving adventure some other time, specially my dad’s expression, they need time to be articulated in words!) And the other thing that I do is to watch Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai online, it’s an historic show, and I doubt whether we’ll get to see any other show of that standards again!

So, I’m at my Didi’s place right now, and suddenly remembered a very beautiful thing at the time of her marriage–My first ever trip to the beauty saloon!

The last time I had a haircut was almost around 4 years back, because after that I decided to see how long my hair can grow, and even during that time I just used to sit on the chair with my eyes closed, so never had any idea what was actually happening around me.

Finally, three months back my sister’s wedding was arranged and though I was very much against the make up and other things that follows, I had to compromise on my values and principles for my sister. I stopped biting my nails three months prior to my sister’s wedding day and a day before the wedding I went to the saloon to groom my hands with the long nails. Its called manicure. So the moment I entered the place, a whiff of artificially natural fragrance filled me!

I don’t know why, but I was actually very nervous. I sat on the recliner with my sister(who was supposed to get many other things done), the two therapist (this is what they call themselves, rightly though, because the thing they did was very relaxing), brought their machines and other things and I was scared to death seeing them. But to my relief they were for my sister!

The ordeal started, but it was actually quiet relaxing you know, the warm water seeping through the pores of your arms and palms. But then, I saw one of the girls bringing thousands of filers to file my nails. I don’t even let the nail clipper touch my nails. You see my li’l darlings are afraid of sharp things, so I let my teeth do the honor. It was just for the sake of the wedding that I didn’t bite my nails for 3 months. No one else but my teeth will have the pleasure to chip them!

Though this was over, but there was yet to come. My sister’s bridal package came with a free “light make-up”, so it had to be me!

The next day, in the evening, I again marched towards the salon. A pretty sweet lady attended to me. And then the way I was scrutinized, mercy! I had two people working on my hair, and another on my face. I could hardly move, but then couldn’t help it. The girl was pretty excited about making up my face because I remember she tried ever single thing on my face.

At the end, she was really satisfied by her work.  But I knew I was looking horrible with loads of artificially looks enhancing products!

P.S. 1) I still wonder what happens inside the closed rooms of the saloon. May be they actually torture some young ladies, and then bring out the outer beauty of theirs.
2) I’m actually having nothing to do right now, so kindly bear with these unusually silly posts.

Summers, Vacations and Nostalgia!

Part 1– Board games

Dedicated to my Didi, Joy Dada, Tupam Dada(Abhi), Ronnie Dada, Piku and Sags! I really miss us being together.

Almost after 2 weeks, I return! *claps claps*

Its mid of the summers, and all the neighborhood kids are sitting at their homes, glued to their computer screens playing the silly online games! Don’t be judgemental, I like tem too.  The other day a kiddo asked me if I play CS. Honestly I do. A lot. But nothing beats the good ol’ boards games!

Every vacation for me used to mean a trip to Nani‘s place, getting together with 5 of my cousins and playing everything that would come our way.  Computer came a lot later(when we were hooked to NFS!). Here are few of the games which we played and are still in love with them! I’m sure many of you have must have played them too!


Nothing beats this game. We had this love for proving ourselves the “most intelligent” of the whole lot! And I was never allowed to play on my own initially, I was always someone’s team mate. Then I learnt playing it and believe me its the most beautiful game on this earth. I mean you are just introduced to a whole new world of planning, plotting and violence – 10 year old me.  A big bungalow, one Mr. Black and his murder mystery to solve. We used to play this game in between all our other fun in the summer vacations:) When the old game worn out, my brother, Piku, gifted me this game on my birthday so that we can continue the legacy.

The photograph here is the legendary Miss Scarlet’s card! We have got a strong memory with this card, Thanks to li’l Sags.

The Game of LIFE

We actually played this game for hours and for days. It took almost 2-3 hours to finish one game but we were hooked to it for the whole day!(God, I just wish we could have those days back again, when we practically did nothing but played so many games and nothing else!)
In this game you get a profession(of your dream, yes, Lawyer, engineer, doctor), you get married during the course of the game, have kids, deal with the expenses and enjoy the windfalls!

The great GAMBLER
This is our family game(no no no, don’t go by the name, no one of us is a Gambler!). Every family of our house has got this game. This is probably the oldest of all our board games. Vintage hai.

I don’t know what makes me write on these board games but somethings in life sometime deserve an acknowledgement. Nothing so amazing about this game but we played it and its very close to my heart. It is just the basic game of rolling dice and earning money and then the person with the highest bucks win.

The least played games-The MAD game and PICTIONARY
Mad is one game that I never understood probably because I was too young then.
The game actually drives you mad!

Unlike the other games, you have to lose all your money to win it

Finally, Pictionary!
I hardly have any memory when of playing Pictionary but I’m sure this game lies in Piku’s bookshelf, as new as it was on the day it became a part of our family.

The games the guys played-CHESS and BATTLESHIP
Both strategy games and honestly I never get them.(And no, you are not supposed to think that girls are dumb, its just like I didn’t like playing them.)
I still don’t know how to play chess . I’m very bleakly aware of the pieces used to play this game though I feel its dumb to name them what they are named- seeing their shapes and sizes.

Then comes battleship and I don’t have any idea about it! So, no comments! I hate these two games because the guys used to play these two games, leaving us girls with practically nothing to do!

The games I played with my Didi–SCRABBLE and PAY DAY
It was not like that we played games only during the vacations with the whole gang intact!
Me and my sister, we both played Scrabble and Pay Day whenever we liked.
Scrabble is a beautiful game and you can play it even at the coffee shops in your neighborhood.

Pay Day is another roll-dice-and-earn-money-game but it had its own charisma. Endless pay day sessions at our home! This game was bought by my sis some 16 years back but we started playing it almost afters 10 years of buying it. You know these games are difficult to understand!

I really miss all of us being together. It has been ages since we all were together, in a same room, chatting, fighting and playing games. I miss these games but yeah just a look at them, lying in the bookshelf brings a big smile on my face!

Love you all my brothers and sisters:)

P.S. 1) I and Piku did a lot of treasure hunting- playing loads of games of “Treasure Hunt” in our drawing rooms. But I guess it does not meet the criteria of the board game here, so couldn’t mention it.

Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar!

So, I have been living here in Delhi since the past 18-Years. You watch Discovery Channel or google Delhi, or read about it in Encarta, the Delhi that you see there is central Delhi, the heart, too “to-be-shown-on television” types Delhi.

I’m not saying I know Delhi very well, or that I’m here to present here the true picture of this city, but yeah, this post comes straight from a- li’l- frustrated- yet- so- much- in- love- with- Delhi Delhiite.

The few unique, both good and bad, that you cant help noticing about the National Capital City!

We don’t know how to respect women!
No need to mention, the most unsafe city for women! Everywhere you’ll find boys, men and even oldies, ogling at girls. Eve- teasing here doesn’t require any eve! Guys, learn to respect a women, will you?!

The hospitality!
You’ll simply love the people here, trust me. All right, that was sarcasm at its best. You get the picture, right?
We are mad about cars!
There is one car each for every family member of a family in Delhi! Yes, believe me, even if a new kid is born, people here tend to buy a car for him, no matter if it turns vintage when the kid attains a “drive-able age”. Small, big, Indian or “phoren“, you’ll find every variety in a single home!
This one is born due to the above clause. Phew! Now when each family member has got a car of his own, so they go to a family outing in their own car! Its the trend here, honking in a stagnant traffic, expecting the other car to suddenly fly and clear the roads! The metro stations now, with a mall at every station, the traffic seems, even more stupid!
The corridors constructed to contain the traffic, the corridor causing 1 accident each day, and the corridor harassing all the drivers on road due to its failed attempt to contain the traffic, the all in one corridor, the BRT corridor!! Muje ek bat batao, BRT works for wide roads, now constructing a single lane for cars and other LMV and one lane for the HMV on an already so narrow road, wont it create more traffic! But who questions it? Built with the design of the prestigious IIT, Delhi, who can question that?!

We love your business!
You’ll find though all the Delhi-wallahs have no time for anything, work 24×7 according to their own schedule, but you dont worry, they have got all the times to poke their nose in your business.

We, the Jugadoos!
From flat tyres to no reservation travelling in trains, Delhi people have got the Jugad for everything. Hate it or love it, jugad works all the time!

They seem to be never ending, the Metro, PWD, DLF, etc etc all love our roads! They dig it, leave it…all of them do that at the same time!!
[Content Deleted]

Cycle rickshaws!
Even though they are good for travelling short distances but all they do is making the roads more miserable! Firstly, finding rickshaw on a trafficked road is not done, and secondly the pullers of this rickety thing think that they are king of the roads. One hand of their can stop any vehicle , they can turn from anywhere. All they do is risk their own life, as well as the person travelling in it. I guess all of you who drive, knows how difficult it is to stop a car so suddenly, specially at nights, when the rickshaws emerge out of the thin air, literally! Thirdly, the crowded metro stations and the rickshaws adding to the misery! Initially they were seen in small places, but now you can find them plying even in south Delhi’s posh areas!

We coach!
Coaching centres, ranging from Medical exams, to IAS, from Engineering exams to GRE, you’ll find them all here. There are so many study hubs in Delhi, like the one at Punjabi Bagh, or the one at Kalu Sarai. Every home has a tutor here who teaches for so and so exams! Not far is the day, when tutors will be knocking your doors, and asking you to take their coaching! Education is business here!

We’re Delhites, don’t ask us for directions!
If you are lost, don’t you dare ask for direction to anyone except the traffic police and the auto-wallahs. Rest of the Delhiites do nothing, but andhere me teer chodte hai. Even if they are living here since the first sign of civilisation, they dont know the roads. Not there mistakes, Delhi changes every 5 yrs! Thanks to the constructions and the new roads every time 😀

We love!
The so in love and not so in love couples, crowding the roads, parks, malls…eeww!

Diili Haats!
Though not a shoppers paradise, but yeah hand looms and crafts from all over the country with their special cuisines, it is a must if you come to Delhi.

The wannabe cool Dudes!

I don’t need to say anything about them they are found everywhere. Not so easy to extinct species! Alas!only few of them end up become cool dudes, rest of them remain wannabe throughout!

The sites!
They are not just for the general knowledge books, they are for real and they are cool.

The most economic, user friendly and safe transport, joining the important and not-so-important places of Delhi.
P.S. Correct me if I missed something! And pardon me, but every time I have an exam, I go on a Delhi-brahman in search of the centre, I get frustrated, and hence you get posts like these. Yes, last time it was the poor car, this time its poor Delhi!

My Prized Possesions–A collector’s guide!

So here I’m again, writing about my world.

While thinking about what to write I just saw a box(full of coins) here lying on my table and now I’m writing (and hopefully suggesting you guys) about my collections.

As a kid I used to collect every silly thing that I came across. Then while growing up, I read it somewhere that when we collect anything, it has got a deep connection with our unconscious mind. When we look at the things we collected, we just go back to the time and its a way of escape from our present day ramblings, that depress us all.

Pretty inspiring, isn’t it?

So,  here is a list of things that I have collected over the years.

I have been collecting them since a very long time. I never knew why one collects them or that the hobby has got a name. Neither I wanted to be a pioneer in the neighborhood’s Philatelic society(that’s what they call it I guess), I collected them because my mom once told me that his brother,i.e., my uncle used to collect them and she loved looking at it. So my adventure began. I collected stamps from everyone, everywhere. Then came the question of how should I keep them, I thought the the traditional way of maintaining an album was just not for me, so I asked my uncle and he told me to paste them on A4 sized sheets, one for each country.  Li’l did I know that he was just pulling the leg of this nine year old. I pasted them and then realized I have actually ruined them, big time!

Anyway, I still have them like that, pasted and love to see them.  Each stamp in my collection has a different story. I’m a proud owner of stamps from almost all nations in the world. The most loved is the one which belongs to England, year 1993 and has the cartoon depiction of the Christmas carol.
Yeah, I have got all most all the stamps of India, all the series, and I love them.

I love reading, and have got loads of books.
From Harry Potters to all the Dan Browns, from the originals By Saki to the originals by O.Henry, I have got them all. More inclined towards the fictions though, I have got some autobiographies(You see they help to write you well when it comes to write about “your goals”, “your role model” and things like that for interviews and all.) I have got this one book by P.G. Wodehouse, which I bought ages ago and have never been able to read it. Again, the same uncle of mine suggested me that book, and all I achieved till date is 8 pages of the boring thing. I really have a grudge against this uncle of mine!

And yes, all the Secret Sevens and Famous Five that encouraged and my friends to form our own secret group–the good for nothing group.

Proudly, I say, I have got the currency and coins of 74 nations.
This a result of my “authoritative” announcement when I was 8–“I have started a coin collection and want coins for it “.

Therefore, whenever anyone went anywhere, I got the coins.
And I have got loads of Indian coins, old and new, from the British empire till the present day, collected by going to everyone’s grand-parents I know. The oldest coin dates back to the 17th century. Though I know you get to buy these coins from Connaught Place but it is a altogether a different feeling when you toil for them.

And yes my Di’s boyfriend-turned-husband helped a lot with my collection.

4)Key rings

They are the mementos of anywhere I go, I just buy the unique key-ring that I can find.
I have got hundreds of them, my favourite the one that someone got me from New Zealand. It is a beautiful li’l pink jar with loads of pink shells in it, rare one.

One thing that I still continue to collect. I have erasers of all shapes, sizes and colour. I have got almost everything made up of this useful polymer. I collected them as I was a kid and now I collect them from my kid cousins. I have got a li’l cousin of mine who once came to my house for her summer vacations,and came across this collection of mine and later when she went back. Few days later when my dad went to drop her at her place she sent around 20 different erasers with him and later that day called up and said “probably their beauty will be lost if I use them”. Cute.

My mum hates it because I keep my collection in the refrigerator, you see Dilli ki garmi makes them all sticky and she feels that these boxes take up a lot of space in there!

From our own Chacha Chaudhary to the young journo Tintin, they were a part of my growing up process. Loved reading them all- Billu, Pinki,tinkle etc. And Calvin and Hobbes, the only person whose philosophy works for me. I just flip through their pages when I’m free-reminds me of the good old days. One bookshelf full of them and I wish this grows every year. Every book reminds me of some good or bad times, like this Champak which my sister got me when I was in the hospital to read me stories to put me to sleep or the Laurel and Hardy which she bought because I tore my Didi’s some other comic,or the fight that I had with my cousin over the Tintin. Most of the comics, or rather all of them belongs to my sister but they mean a lot to me.

Well these are the six most beautiful collection of mine. I love them and they are my real prized possessions.

P.S.1)My mum is eagerly waiting for me to go to the hostel or something so that she can get rid of my possessions. So please pour in with some nice emotional blackmails!

2)My Di, who is in Punjab at present to meet her extended in law’s family called me today telling me that she saw some beautiful eraser and unique keyrings. So she has bought them for me. Bless her.

3)An all girls thing- I have got a huge collection of hair clips to match with all the dresses I have.  Sometimes I buy dresses to match with hair clips.

4)As a kid I used to collect different stickers and I still treasure them.

5)Few years back there was this craze among all the kids to collect tazo(Something that used to come in the potato chips bag). I have got hundreds of them!Some of them even glow in the dark.

6)Bus tickets–I collected them too – from many Indian states.

7)The collector’s guide says – try collecting all these. they are fun.

Disclaimer: The photographs show only a part of the collections. Pictures taken by an amateur photographer. Please forgive the bad lighting!

My Mother’s Day!!

The first thing to clarify–I’m not writing anything about Mother’s day which is on this Sunday. I’m totally against all these days that are being celebrated like the friendship’s day, Valentine’s day and I-dont-know-what day. Although my views are poles apart from what Ram Sena, Shiv Sena etc, I really feel that I don’t need a special day to make my friends, my mom, my dad,my sis or my love to tell that how special they are. (I used “I”, because I don’t intend to be offensive towards the people who celebrate these days. Guys, I respect your reasons!)

This post is solely dedicated to my mom because its her birthday today! Happy birthday Ma:)(Okay, I know she’s not going to read this blog by any chance, but I’m just letting the world know how much I love her!)

Well, I love my Ma(that’s what I call her). She has been my strength all these years. Though she’s the first one to criticize all the the things that I do(well this is what they are for, making us face the truth), she is also the first one to shower loads of love when I’m in blue. She knows it when I’m sad, or when I’m happy. I love her gesture when she just suddenly comes into my room (yeah, she can do it anytime she likes because my room is devoid of doors, so I cant lock it anyway!), hugs me and kisses me on my cheeks. No matter how old I grow, I know she’ll never stop doing this. And since my sis has left for her new home, somewhere around three months back, I have been closer to my mum. We spent much time together chatting and doing various things.

I realized it in the past one year, when I was actually doing nothing but sitting at home and studying, that how monotonous my mom’s life is. All she had to do was to sit at home, cook and wait for dad, me and my sister to return home. Since the past one year, she says she doesn’t get bored as I’m at home, full time, and she knows she can come anytime and have a chit chat(Its not false when guys scream that women talk a lot, yes we do. In fact, we love talking!)

My mother runs after me everyday, to make me eat the green and healthy food, which I hate. And there’s noway I can escape, she has tagged each day of the week with one green vegetable. I hate eating them, and my mum keeps telling everyone single person she meets–“Ye ladki muje bohot satati hai, kuch nai khati”.

I love you Ma.

Live from the polling booth!

Finally its 7th may. 4th phase of the lok sabha elections.

Few months after turning 18 and being given the “universal adult franchise”( read about this term in 7th standard in civics book), I today accessed my “right to vote”. I was just so excited few days ago about doing this thing, and believe me the excitement hasn’t died yet.
So, around 6;45 am, I got a wake-up call from my mum. It was almost 4 hrs early. Then suddenly I remembered its the v-day and I have to go to the polling booth to cast my vote, but this thought didn’t make any difference to my lazy bones. Then suddenly she calls and says “No need to take a bath before going, now will you get up?”
I can feel the anger and but obviously what can be better than this privilege(trust me, I hate taking a bath, and that too at this time of the day…no, sorry!). I got up, got dressed and if you are wondering why I opted to go there so early, then my dad had to go to his clinic after doing this job, so we all decided to go together. My dad, mom, di(who specially came from her house to cast her vote. Such a responsible citizen, I tell you) and me, all four of us walked towards the MCD primary school, where the ritual was to be done. As we approached there, we saw two large tables, placed at few feets from each other, and people from two major political parties sitting there, telling all the voter to “upar se teesre chinh pe nishan lagana” and so on.

We went inside, we were the only one there to vote at that time. Dad went inside first, I was, I don’t know why, but a bit nervous. My dad came out with his inked finger. My mum went in. Meanwhile my di told me to rub the ink when the person applies it, so it won’t leave a mark.

As my mom came out of the booth, I entered. An uncle with a warm smile welcomed me, asked for the voter’s slip. He was probably aware that I’m a first time voter, and he just said “beta ghabrao mat” . He checked my id card, then send me to another guy who cross checked it, and then I was directed to a very dangerous looking lady, who couldn’t find my name on the list with her. Thanks to another man sitting besides her, she located my name. Then I went to 2 old uncles sitting with the ink. One of them checked my id card again, and the other one put the mark. And I don’t know why but I followed my sister’s advice! The mark didn’t go, and now it looks even worse, brown and covering whole of the nail and nail bed!

Anyway, then I entered the rickety enclosure of cardboard where three EVMs were kept. Imagine 41 candidates from just a single constituency! So 3 EVM’s were expected, one EVM can accommodate only 16 candidate’s name. I was searching for the person’s party symbol for him I was supposed to vote( yes I had to look for the symbol, because I couldn’t read the name, forgot my specs at home). I went through all the symbols but couldn’t find his, I panicked and just hoped I don’t have to shout and asked the volunteers sitting there, because this thought stuck me immediately!

But then I saw the symbol on the top, just so nervous to look for it.

I pressed the button , a long beep followed and I had finally done the thing for which I have been waiting for so long ( last night me and my friend, who’s still not and adult, did a happy dance for I was going to vote.).
Then my sis went in and cast her vote. We headed back home, telling other people who met us to vote for sure.

Nice experience. I’m happy I did my part 🙂

Till the next time!

P.S. 1) If you are reading this, and at a place where the 4th phase of the election is taking place and its still not 5 pm yet, please go and vote.
2) I have got the ink mark on my index finger, and Bikanerwala is offering a 15 pc off, so I ‘ll be out today evening for a family dinner.
3) Though I wanted to enjoy the discounts on other shopping items, but I’ll have to suppress this “inner urge of this shopaholic”, because its exam times, so I have to study. Shopping(without discount though..) can wait.

Our MARUTI 800

I guess I should change the tittle to “our purani MARUTI 800″.  No, it is not so old -1998 model (of which my dad is very proud). This car is a gift to my sister after she scored 80 % in her all India boards some 11 years back. (Honestly, why didn’t you set up something like this car has to be the one with an air conditioner and a stereo!)

This dates back to 19th June 1998- we went to the showroom, got this car driven to our home and for the next 7 yrs it was a just a piece of decoration for our lawns. Then my sister started driving it and it got all the dents and scratches that a car on the Delhi roads should have (without which it can’t be tagged with a “Delhi car”, to hell with the number plate).

Then in 2008 our MARUTI 800 1998 “non ac” model suddenly finds itself installed with an air conditioner. But what can be expected from this old fellow. No matter how good it looks from outside, it still has got a 800 cc engine. It used to die whenever we were driving on flyovers or going over 60 kmph. You could hear the engine barking faintly “either me or the AC.” *sigh*

So the ac has to dismantlement from the car. And finally here I’m with this prized possession of my dad, wherever we go. Uff! Don’t ask!

You know you are having an antique savari at your place when:

1) You climb the car with all donned up and due to the killing heat you turn on the blower, and wow! The spectacular dust particles add some shimmers to you face! ( If you are really fair, turn on the blower and voila! You get the dusky look, that’s just so “in” these days’ in just a few seconds without spending anything!)

2) Even going for a 10 km drive, you have to get your royal carriage have a trip to the service station, after all you never know when it gets tired!

3)You have to spend a huge fortune to get your car fixed up. And the huge fortune means amount that is probably much more higher than the current market price of the car.

Anyway, there is no way that we can get rid of this car. My dad loves it, and yes may be, I love it too.

A first time voters’ mind

Guess what is round the corner? I ‘ll give you some hints – It comes every five years. You get to see those people again on roads who are for the last five years “under-cover”. And, for the next five years you blame them for all the bad things happening in the country, let it be terrorism or the melt-down or the inflation.

And bingo, you got it right! It’s the Lok Sabha elections.

I can proudly say that we are having the golden triangle in this era- Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. P Chindambaram and Mr. M.S. Ahluwalia, the great economists who strongly “can change” India!
At least these people think something about the country, unlike their rival parties which virtually have the uneducated leaders , who do nothing but accuse the other parties and make some stupid promises!

Hats – off to the Jaago-re campaign which extended its wings and dragged more influential people to promote the practice of casting the votes.

Finally don’t let the stupid promises of no terrorism and no meltdown affect your vote. Believe me a political party cant help much in terrorism and meltdown, the security will be the same and the meltdown didn’t strike India as worse as it did to some other nations!

Go vote this 7th and then enjoy the off day!

P.s.1) Go and read the Hindustan Times dated 19th April 2009 page 10, if you can.
2)Read http://abhishekbrave.blogspot.com/, the post titled “elections”.

I got a new blog :D

Hi all!

This is my first blog. So before starting with anything, I guess a li’l bit about me would do no harm.

Firstly, for me blogging here would means a total break from all the daily work! I’m a confused 18-yr old, too much to decide in life, and therefore I am here, with my perfect escapism from everything. It really sounds so cool – sit back and use the keyboard, type anything that I like and publish. And then, actually get people to read.

And yes, this is a personal blog. This is going to be full of my experiences, my thoughts and my opinions! I hope you like reading it. 

Till the next time.