Dubai Is The Best Shopping Destination. Yes, it is!

I want to show – off a li’l. I had the best holidays so far. 2017 ended well! But before I write about my travel experience in My Li’l Travel Book, I thought of sharing something about #MyDSF which surely had my attention during my New Year Holiday chills in Dubai! I had a very […]

4 Black Friday Deals in India that Will Blow Your Mind!

Black Friday is the largest shopping holiday in the United States and Canada. I mean how cool is that? A festive holiday with such a huge sale – dream come true. Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and mainly the deals are on electronics and clothing items. BUT that is in […]

Buy Books Online from Popular Online Stores

I am sure you all must have enjoyed the great online shopping festival during the last week! Online shopping has definitely changed the face of how we used to shop! No matter what the source is, I always have my reading list prepared.  I return again with another post about books – this time the […]