The Mini Instagram Post 9. Opposites Don’t Attract!

To my fire, he should be the ice.  But he is as fiery, may be twice. I am social, he should be reserved. But that is not what we both deserved. To my clumsiness, he should be the saving grace. But that is so not the case! Opposites don’t attract – that is not the […]

The Mini Instagram Post 5.Once Upon A Time.

Every fairy tale starts with a “once upon a time” and ends with a “happily ever after“.  Once upon a time love was fiction. Once upon a time love was clouded by doubts. Once upon a time, he came to clear all fears.  Once upon a time, I believed in fairytales again Author’s Note I […]

The Mini Instagram Post 3. Nava Nava Ishaq.

To the amazing emotion called love.  Love – it can be for anyone, place or thing. But the best form of love is the one which is expressed and experienced for self.  Soft touches, Loving glances, Cute talks, Taking those chances.  Something new – A new beginning.  May be you will lose,  Or end up […]


(This post has been picked up as the BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Pick) They say that to find yourself, You have to lose yourself. Taking a step forward, And then taking two steps back Subconsciously conscious of Every move, every decision- Deliberately staying unattached. Preparing for the destruction, Preparing for the emptiness.  Is it anything new? Or something […]

House of Cards.

I built my house of dreams, on the turbulent sea. I worked on it for so long,  trusting that it was safe and strong. Li’l did I know it was a  house of cards.  Laid on the foundation of uncertainty, why did I ever expect harmony.  I started living in my house of cards.  Caught in it forever,  […]