Why You Must Experience Smog At Least Once In Your Lifetime. NOT.

Last week, when I started from my home for office in the morning, the visibility was not even 100 meters. Winter has already set in, wow! No wow. All the vehicles plying on the roads had their emergency (parking) lights on. Indeed it is an emergency situation! But isn’t it too late to realize that? […]

Vegas Shooting: Inside the mind of a Mass Murder

I didn’t even recover from the shock of  the sad incidence that happened in Mumbai last week, another shocking news came from the other side of the globe. I was not done cussing the Government, collectively, for not valuing human life and today, I find myself astonished that how individuals too don’t value human lives […]

5 Quick Facts About the Blue Whale Challenge

“If you stumbled upon this article while searching for the Blue Whale Challenge, let me tell you a li’l fact – Just when you think that there is no one who can listen to or understand you, believe in the power of the universe and trust that you will always find that one person. If at […]

Budget 2017 : For the Mango Man

Yes, I was pretty excited about the Budget 2017. Of course, a li’l less excited about the FM himself as he couldn’t contain his excitement and presented the budget a month in advance. From an economist’s point of view, an economically great idea can never be a socially and politically popular idea.  I have always […]

From Mitron to Surprise, B*tches!

The title says it all! Narender Modi just converted all his intellectual haters to his admirers. And yes, this seems like the most effective measure that Mr. Modi has taken for the development Indian Economy. But it is a genius plan! Announcing the ban suddenly and literally giving no time to the money launderers to […]