Mini Instagram Post. Post 11. Black and White Chaos

 A time when life is undoubtedly mundane and sad, this can be my way of finding the light I’m the darkness – colours in the colourless – and embracing things as they are.  Colors give a new definition to everything around us. However, certain things look equally spectacular in black and white.  Black and White,  The purity […]

The Mini Instagram Post 9. Opposites Don’t Attract!

To my fire, he should be the ice.  But he is as fiery, may be twice. I am social, he should be reserved. But that is not what we both deserved. To my clumsiness, he should be the saving grace. But that is so not the case! Opposites don’t attract – that is not the […]

The Mini Instagram Post 8. Footprints.

Every time I meet you, A li’l bit of me dissolves in you.  I am slowly vanishing,  Just like my desire for everything.  One day, I will be nothing But footprints… Doing this after such a long time! Footprints – they might just come out as haphazard indentations on wet sand but each one has […]

The Mini Instagram Post 5.Once Upon A Time.

Every fairy tale starts with a “once upon a time” and ends with a “happily ever after“.  Once upon a time love was fiction. Once upon a time love was clouded by doubts. Once upon a time, he came to clear all fears.  Once upon a time, I believed in fairytales again Author’s Note I […]