8 Reasons Why Vitamin E is Best for your Skin and Hair!

I was introduced to argan oil by my hair stylist a few years ago. Since then, I have been religiously treating my hair with it. Very recently, I realized that argan oil is equally beneficial for skin. And since then, I have been recommending everyone to at least try it once. What makes it so beneficial? […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for a RO Water Purifier

Water plays a vital role in all our bodily functions. Thus, it is paramount that you constantly replenish your body’s water reserves. With the pollution levels rising and the changing climate every few kilometers, enquiring for a RO waterpurifier price is necessary in the modern times. Generally, the water supplied from lakes or rivers usually […]

#CleanAirBeautifulHomes and Healthy Us!

[This is a runner-up post at a contest hosted by Indiblogger] This age hold phrase by Saint Kabir is so true! Whenever you want to change something, the change starts from you. You can not change others but you certainly have the control to rectify yourself.  In this fast paced life, when we are so […]

Bhaiya, condom hai?

The answer to this question, if asked at any chemist shop, is yes. It has to be! Because, one it is a chemist shop. Second, annually India produces 4.5 billion condoms. But still, only about 1.5 billion condoms are sold in the Indian domestic markets. And why is that? It is because of the deameaning […]