#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! K : Kebabs

One food item that has to be mentioned about Delhi! For me, kebabs are the go-to food.  So, my favourite type of kebab is Galouti kebab which is fundamentally from Lucknow but the ones that we get here are like, like the better than the best. Enjoyed with the Warqi parantha! Kebab originated from the Middle East. […]

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! H: (Rich) History

All right, Delhi has a rich history. And I mentioned this in the previous post. If I take in consideration the iconic city of Indraprastha, then the present day Delhi is the 10th city since the beginning of times. Here is a quick overview of the different cities of Delhi: The source is largely Wikipedia […]

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! G: Gates of Delhi

Delhi is architecturally beautiful because it has a great history attached to it! From the 8th centrury to the 20th Century, vaious gates were build around this walled city – which marked as the entry point to Delhi. From the 8th century to the present day, Delhi has seen a make over 8 times with […]

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! F: Food!

Food heaven – that is what I can safely call Delhi. Delhi is famous for the delicacies that it has to offer. From the street food to the amazing restaurants, Delhi will not disappoint you at all. Personally, I am a huge fan of the street food – all the chaat and Gol Gappa! Old Delhi […]

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! C: Connaught Place

Delhi is the heart of this beautiful nation. And Connaught Place, or fondly known as CP, is the heart of this amazing city which I am trying to cover during the course of this challenge. CP is love. Period.  I have spent a lot of my time in CP during my undergrad days – doing […]

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! B: Bhaiya and B******d

I wish I could pictorially represent this one post! If you are in Delhi – you must learn these two words to get through things. Bhaiya literally translates to big brother. However, in Delhi anyone from the less educated working class people who have migrated from the remote areas of UP, Bihar and MP are […]

#AtoZChallenge: Oh Delhi! A: Architectural Beauty

I wanted to start this challenge with something positive and amazing about Delhi! A city with so much of history to tell has an architecture which says wow! Delhi is the proof of rich cultural heritage of India with a myriad of styles of architecture which it has seen through the ages. Even the contemporary […]