5 Reasons Why Sending Cards is Still Important

Are you still sending cards?

I am one of those who love to send cards. I remember the good ol’ days when sending cards was a thing. I used to wait on my birthday to see how many cards I get. And I also remember our little bookshelf which would get filled up with pretty cards every December.

Do you remember why you stopped sending cards?

The only reason I stopped sending cards to me friends because I believe the concept of permanent address is just a theory nowadays. I have changed my address four times in four years. And so has my friends. Keeping up with that is difficult.

Well, no. Keeping up with that is not difficult but we have better ways to communicate now. Our parents did keep up with the constantly changing address, didn’t they?

But I think sending cards is again gaining popularity. I was reading somewhere that people are again moving towards sending card. Women are the major buyers now and men tend to buy cards during Valentine’s day to convey their feelings. That’s promising!

Let’s talk about the reason behind this shift. I am sharing my opinions in this post!

Bringing back the Tradition

Did you know that in the UK, greetings cards were banned at the beginning of WWII in order to conserve paper? Eventually, it was established that cards played a huge role in living up the morale of both front-line fighters and their families back home.

While many may agree that sending cards is not sustainable, bringing back the tradition is touching many hearts. The digital world have taken over but receiving a card is much more joyful!

Why Sending Cards is Still Important: Sending Cards is Unique

A custom greeting card is a great way of establishing your uniqueness. I love Basic Invite for this purpose. They have unique holiday photo cards, which you can design, get a sample before you place your final order, and the envelopes – they are the cutest and they have over 40 designs!

5 Reasons Why Sending Cards is Still Important

Basic Invite offers an address-capturing service that allows customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media to request their friends’ and family’s addresses. The addresses are stored in the customer’s account and can be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders.

Building and Strengthening Cards

Personal cards are a means of self-expression that reinforce bonds with family, friends, and other contacts.

When you actually write something with a pen, it speaks a lot about you. You don’t draft or re-draft or delete your messages. Your first thought is the one that makes the real connection.

Also, The occasions on which you send cards reflect your values and can help you maintain important social relationships. In an age of digital communication, the choice of sending cards is definitely unique.

It’s Joyful

Not just for the receiver, but for the sender, the process of selecting a card or designing your personal card (like I use Basic Invite to do that) invoke a lot of memories associated.

Why Sending Cards is Still Important: You Give them Something to Keep

For me, receiving a card is exciting because it brings me immense joy to open something on the special occasions that is mine to keep. I still love looking at the old cards I have received – unlike WhatsApp messages, which often get deleted. And honestly, I don’t find myself reading old conversations.

Try designing your own blessed Christmas card on Basic Invite. Use code 15FF51 to get 15% off your orders.

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