Buying a Car is as Easy as a Pie!

I really wanted to share my car buying journey – it was a big thing when we did it! So yes! Buying a car is a different experience in India. Things are pretty

When we moved to this new city in a new country four years ago, we were sure that we will get a vehicle ASAP. Had we been in a city like New York, where the public transportation and connectivity are great, a car wouldn’t have been our priority.

But if you are in Austin, you need a car. Period.

What did we want?

I and Rohan are two completely different personalities and our choice of car, for our first buy, was really different. I wanted a big SUV (that is what we got in the end, obviously!) and Rohan wanted a large sedan.

I am very fascinated by pickup trucks and Hummers. Rohan is more like a sleek and low-floor car kind of person.

The only thing we had in common was the love for the colour black.

The Finances

Buying or Leasing

While we were researching the cars, there were a lot of financial decisions and discussions involved. We were constantly reading about things.

For me, a car is a depreciating asset. It is. So, buying a pre-owned car was not a desirable option.

The next thing to decide was if wanted to take a loan and buy or lease it. For us, a newly moved couple, building a credit history and score was a challenge. It takes around six months to generate a credit history.

Loan Calculation

Planning our purchase was made easier, thanks to

It is a very easy-to-use service to understand the amount needed to buy a car. It helped us in planning better.

The Future

Buying a car should be a practical decision. Fuel cost, insurance, servicing – these are the things which require thorough research. We individually looked at every possible option available within our budget.

Finally, we could decide on our dream car and are very happy so far with the purchase.

So yes, buying a car is as easy as a pie – just do your research and don’t hesitate to use the online resources available.

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