Better Sleep Tips | How I Started Sleeping Peacefully after Struggling for Months

I started looking for better sleep tips over the internet around 6 months ago. I realized that I am getting a good seven hours of sleep but I always woke up tired.

After reading a lot, I realized that your mattress plays a vital role in your sleep. I did not think of it because I recently bought a mattress and new mattresses are supposed to be good!

I am used to sleeping on coir foam – which is firm and keeps you from getting hot during your sleep. However, coir foam is not easily available here and I never really paid attention to the fact that cooling mattresses are important for sound sleep for a hot sleeper like me.

After months of experimenting and Ghost Bed’s wonderful blogs, I could understand and gather some better sleep tips!

So, here are a few things that help me sleep better and I wake up happy!

Mattress And Pillows

I took this quiz for picking a mattress. I sleep hot and I am all over the place when sleeping. My mattress was just too firm than it should be. I changed my mattress – spring with gel memory foam and I sleep like a baby.

Invest in a good mattress, pillows and sheets that invite you to rest peacefully.

Mattress And Pillows

Watch out for your Caffeine Intake

I don’t consume any kind of coffee or tea after 3 PM in the afternoon. It’s good for the kickstart in the morning but it’s not good if you are trying to sleep better!

Better Sleep Tips: Zero Screen time

Don’t go to bed with your TV or laptop screen on. It stimulates the brain and keeps it more productive when you are trying to sleep.

Also, reading your ebook or browsing social media on your phone while you are trying to sleep is not a good practice.

Better Sleep Tips: Regular Exercise

I work out for an hour, seven days a week. I am energetic throughout the day and I am sleepy at the right time. Regular exercise gives a deeper, more restful sleep as the body recovers during rest.

Better Sleep Tips: Regular Exercise
Better Sleep Tips: Regular Exercise

Make A Cozy Sleeping Area

A comfy bed and appropriate temperature is pretty much all you need for a good night’s sleep, physically

Stick to a Schedule

Even CDC recommends that you stick to a sleep schedule.

Be consistent. Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning, including on the weekends


I use my internal alarm clock to go to bed and wake up whenever possible. Your body knows when it has had enough sleep.

Understand your stomach

Don’t overeat or undereat before bed. Digestion requires energy and it can keep you awake. Similarly, going to bed empty stomach makes you crave a snack, keeping you awake.

Do you have any other better sleep tips? I would love to know about them!

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