How To Get Organized In 2022

Do you ever feel like regardless of the goals you set for yourself you’re left overwhelmed? This is likely a signal your life could use a little organization. Disorganization can leave you feeling unaccomplished, stressed and unmotivated. Small changes in your life can make a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. While looking ahead at your goals for the New Year, add getting organized to the top of your list!

Manage Your Stress

Let’s talk about stress. While many have become desensitized to stress, or have learned to live with it, it’s not something you have to suffer through. One way you can help tame your stress is by making changes in and around your house. This can benefit your health and leave you feeling relaxed and happier. Staying organized has been proven to lower cortisol levels; if you didn’t know, this is the main stress hormone in the body. A great way to get your home organized is decluttering. Think of this as a spring cleaning, but in January. While looking around your space it can be easy to wonder where to even begin with your decluttering journey.

Consider taking it one room at a time. Which space do you spend the most time in? Is it your office? Or maybe the living room, or your bedroom? Once you decide which room to start with, take your time to really sort through your things to determine what stays and what needs to go. Empty every bookshelf, end table and drawer and make sure that everything you DO keep has a place to “live.” Remember, this project doesn’t necessarily have to be done in one day, and you should take your time so you can reap the benefits when you’re done.

Pro tip: if you’ve not used an item in the last year, it’s time to let go!

Organize Your Finances

Another way to organize your life is to get your finances in order. When you’re on top of your finances, you have a precise understanding of your financial situation. As a result, you get the opportunity to repair bad habits and reach your financial goals. This will lead you to a more relaxed state and prevent a buildup of stress about your finances throughout the year.

Organizing your finances means making a budget and sticking to it. When making a budget, write down all of your current expenses and track them carefully. Then compare them with your financial goals and what it would take to get there. For many, the answer is to reduce the amount of money going out and increase the amount of money coming in. Refinancing your home can help you reach your financial goals and get your budget organized. By refinancing your home loan you can lower your monthly payment by receiving a lower interest rate. The money you save on your mortgage payment could be put towards lowering credit card debt or be used in an investment account to bring you one step closer to financial freedom. By choosing a cash-out refinance, you could receive a lump sum payment to immediately put towards
reaching your financial goals.

Nurture Your Relationships

Lifestyle organization is easily overlooked but is just as important as physical organization. By getting organized, your overall mental health will improve.

Organization can improve sleep and stress, which naturally trickles down to healthier relationships. One way to really target this aspect of your life is time management such as using a calendar. The inability to manage your time can cause missed appointments, double booking your schedule and cause personal burnout. As a result, this fosters resentment from others and the feeling that you’re not fulfilling promises.

One way to remedy this feeling is to use a calendar to get your schedule organized. Utilizing a calendar app that works for you and your lifestyle can make this transition even easier. By switching to an app to plan your schedule you never have to worry about leaving your physical planner at home because it’s always there, and easily accessible from your smartphone. Using an app that allows for alerts and to-do lists make following your schedule and hitting your daily goals a simple part of your day.

While 2021 might have been stressful for a myriad of reasons, you can start your 2022 off on the right foot by getting organized. Taking these steps in January will set you up for a successful and low-stress year full of achieving your goals and spending more time doing the things you love.

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