Knowing Where to Find Talented Young Actors

So often, the plays and films and television show that audiences enjoy around the world tell adult stories and feature adult characters and actors. Those tend to make the most compelling narratives and the ones we are most interested in seeing.

But if you’re a screenwriter or playwright or a producer looking to inject some variation and different angles into your stories, you’ve got to consider adding child characters into your stories.

As many people know, children bring an attitude all their own to daily life and, by extension, theatrical and film productions. Kids tend to be honest, direct, and fresh in a world full of adults who all have their own biases and histories.

When you’ve got kids in your story, audiences know they can enjoy some degree of innocence in these characters, as the children experience a world run by adults and react to it in their own ways.

So, if you’re looking for child actors for your production, we’re going to help you locate them for yourself. Here are three places to find qualified young actors.

Go on a Talent Website

There are plenty of talent websites and mobile apps out there now that exist for the express purpose of linking up clients like you with actors who are seeking work. Think of this like essentially window shopping. You search “child actors” online and are met with a bunch of search results promising you a quick and easy booking experience.

Then, you can input the details of what you want and filter your results on one of the websites so you can see only those actors you’re interested in. From there, you can book the professional or contact the site to learn more about the opportunity. It’s really an easy thing.

Ask at Local Theaters

Local theatres are another place to look for young actors for hire. These days, neighbourhood theatres feature actors who are probably all volunteers. They want to be there because they love acting, or they wouldn’t be giving of their own time to do it.

What a nice surprise it might be, then, for several of these young actors to receive an offer from you to audition for a paid role in your production! All you’d have to do is get in touch with the theatre group and see if they can provide you with resources for their actors, that is if the actors don’t mind their information being shared.

The people at the theatre might also have a network of others who might be able to help you, too, so this method can certainly pay dividends for you.

Go on Social Media

Lastly, don’t discount the power of free social media, where many young actors are liable to have profiles from which they can advertise their acting skills to the world.

This is how many entertainers first get discovered, so if you’re a casting director or producer, and you’re looking for obscure young talent to fill a role, check social media. You can look for locations that people have posted so you can find actors in your geographic area.

Try all of these methods to start filing those roles and be on your way with your next production!

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