Night Drive Essentials | Vont Blaze LED Flashlight Review

Why am I talking about Night Drive Essentials? We recently resumed our travelling after the world has started to go back to normal. But now we mostly drive – that means night driving has become a part of the ritual. I realized no matter wherever you are – city, suburbs or the jungles – there are a few things you need, just in case the technology gives up on you! I am sharing a list of night drive essentials that we carry with us all the time.

First Aid Kit

My father always used to keep a first aid kit in the car – bandages, ice packs, sanitisers, sterilized gauges etc. It is a good idea. It might actually help anyone need. We keep a basic first aid kit just to be safe.

Night Drive Essentials: Flash Light

Texas roads are huge, like everything else here, but we do venture out to the outskirts of Austin and they tend to get dark. We don’t leave our cars (obviously!). But a good flashlight like the Vont Blaze LED Flashlight is an essential – with or without a night drive.

The Vont Blaze LED flashlight is made with high quality material and is thus highly durable. They are ideal for camping as well as for emergency use.

They look good, are sleek and come with a beautiful cover. It’s compact and the grip is really good. It can easily fit in the glove box of the car.

The light is in two modes – spotlight and flood light. The light power(400 lumens) and the visibility is really great. Also, the battery life is around 9 hours which is more than sufficient – for drives and for camping too.

Food and Water

Never leaving behind some dried fruits and water. That is our essential for any travel – even if its an half hour drive.

Night Drive Essentials | Food

Tissue Rolls and Towels

I don’t think I can ever leave my house without tissues and towels. When I was in college, my car would usually have a night bag prepared – one pair of fresh undergarments, change of clothes, towels and shoes. \

Night Drive Essentials | Tissues

Clear Windshield

This is a a safe driving protocol and it becomes all the more important to have a clean shield at night. It clears up the visibility and makes the drive safer.

Night Drive Essentials: GPS/ Offline Maps and Compass

A physical compass is a great thing to have. And thanks to offline maps, I think navigating when cellular network bails on us is easier!

Do you have any night travel essential too? Share with me in the comment section!

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