My 3 Favourite Stress-busting Games

I am not a fan of gaming but some games, which I fondly call stress-busting games, are a part of my routine. While I was a huge fan of action games when I was a kid, as I grew up, I shifted towards strategy games.

Many games bring back a lot of childhood memories and that is the reason that why I love playing them when I need a break. The games which I play are mostly physical games but sometimes I love spending my time on the screen playing games like solitaire and mahjong.

I read it once that things like collecting stamps is like a time capsule. Looking at them teleports you to the time when you collected them. Every piece has a memory and that is exactly why I love looking at things from the past. In fact, doing the exact things that I used to do when I was a kid is really heart warming.

Life is stressful and I take out some time to play these three games which are highly stress-busting for me.


We got our first computer when I was 12 years old. This was the first game that I started playing. My father would allow me 1 hour of computer time then and I would make the most of it by playing Solitaire.

I am not a huge fan of apps and then I came across this wonderful website Quick to load, this site has the simplest version of this age old game. Not just the instructions, the site tells about fun facts and history of this game – which I didn’t know earlier!

Stress-busting Games: Match 3 Games

I started playing these (Jewel Thief being my favourite) when I was introduced to the internet. They are addictive but I am always limiting my time like I did when I was young. You can check out some amazing match 3 games here.

Stress-busting Games: Candy House

I also loved playing Mahjong, Pin Balls and Pacman and you can even find games inspired by them here. Match 3 games

Block and Puzzle Games

When I am really cutting on my screen time, I love playing with Lego blocks and jigsaw puzzles.

I am a huge fan of games when played as a stress-busting activity. Do you have any favourite games?

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