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Finally, the marathon is over!

And I saved this one for the last.

Do I have a reading schedule? Absolutely.

I wake up in the morning. Then I do my morning yoga and read a good book for 20 minutes to start my day. This book is usually about the way of life in different religious practices. I set aside 20 minutes without any distractions for this practice. I sit in a quiet place to do this.

I don’t read during the day because I am usually very busy with work and running errands.

I end my day with a good novel. It’s usually contemporary fiction – thrillers are my thing. Again, I keep aside my phone and don’t entertain any kind of distraction. I usually read for 30-40 minutes. This practice helps me sleep better too. I do have a reading goal. I have a goal of 30 pages a night. It’s usually doable. But sometimes, the book is so slow that I stick to the time limit and not the number of pages.

This was my daily schedule. I make a monthly schedule of reading at least two genres. This helps me achieve a target of at least 10 genres a year. I go really easy. Reading is a stress-busting activity for me, I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure of unrealistic goals.

I think my reading schedule is pretty sorted. Do you have a reading schedule too?

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