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I had fun opening up about my reading life in the last two posts. Dorian Gray is love!

Today, I am so willingly writing about my reading comfort zone. Do I have a comfort zone when it comes to reading? I do.

My Reading Comfort Zone

But this is something I realized after I reflected on the theme by BlogChatter. I believed that I read everything. EVERYTHING.

I love reading almost everything so I never thought it was my comfort zone. I love reading contemporary fiction, classics, fantasies, autobiographies and almost everything. And I love everything I read.

But I never read one genre of books – self-help.

I have a huge baggage of my mistakes and have a very good therapist, so I never thought that learning from other people’s experiences is my kind of thing. I strongly believe that one can learn only after going through a situation.

Stepping out of my Reading Comfort Zone

The only self-help book that I read is Ikigai.

The only reason I read it and liked it is because it’s more of a descriptive book about the Japanese lifestyle in general. I started digging deep in Soka Gakkai form of Buddhism and thus Ikigai came into my life at the right time.

Will I be reading more of self-help books?

The answer is no. I ventured out once and I loved it. Books are my escape and I think I would want to keep it completely different from my life in general.

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