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The first thing that I tell people about my blog is that I write about everything under the sun. I used to write about books too! In fact, book reviews were one of the major categories of my blog.

Eventually, I stopped writing about books. But does that mean I stopped reading? No!

Thanks to BlogChatter, I am exploiting the opportunity of telling my readers about me – through books!

Before I jump onto the post title, let me tell you why I stopped writing about books – or sharing about my bookish journey on any social media platform.

The answer is pretty simple. Reading is such a personal thing to me and after my life became public, I have refrained from sharing my book reading journey online. Be it any book, my relationship with each book is unique and I don’t think I want that to be in the public light!

My Most Memorable book of 2021

I kickstarted my year 2021 with a variety of books. A Promised Land was one of them. And it has become my most memorable read of the year 2021.

A Promised Land is a memoir of Barack Obama – a wonderful recollection of episodes from his political journey.

Sushmita Malakar | Memorable Book of 2021

To be honest, I didn’t read the book – I listened to it in Obama’s voice and I don’t think I have ever come across anything so perfect.

Obama was my childhood hero. He was that celebrated figure whom I looked up to when I was young. Political affiliation or awareness was not really my thing but I was always impressed by his wits and knowledge.

The book is written and narrated in such a manner that you wouldn’t feel you are reading about a celebrity. It’s like a friend whom you met after 20 years and there he is, narrating his life, telling you witty stories while he smartly slides in with his struggles.

The most striking thing I could infer from this book is that Obama is a human. Of course, he has his own biases which is clearly portrayed by the book but he is more human than any political figure I have followed.

I am waiting for the second part of the book.

My Most Memorable Book – Does it tell anything about me?

The only thing it tells about me, according to me, is the fact that I tend to live in the past – in a good way. The thing which brings back happy memories is my kind of jam. Obama and his rise happened when I was in my teens and probably at a very good place both emotionally and physically.

I am not interested in his political journey but I am more interested in the times when things were really good in this world.

Can’t wait to share my next post for the Marathon!

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