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The prompt for the second post, that I decided to pick, is “Strong fictional characters in books that have stayed with you.”

Sharing myself via topics around books is both easy and difficult for me. As I mentioned in the previous post, reading is very personal to me but I read a lot. So, I was torn between sharing my reading stories or not. Once I decided to share, the rest of the journey is pretty simple! I have too many stories to tell!

Fictional Character That Stays With Me

Initially, I thought that I will write about the character that I love. But there are way too many characters that I love!

But the strongest of all, that stays with me, no matter how many fictional books I have read so far is Dorian Gray.

Dorian Gray from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is one character that stays with me. Many experts call this novel a moral fictional story but as Oscal Wilde says – “There is no moral or immoral book”.

It’s what you take from the books you read.

I think subconsciously, I am always thinking about Dorian Gray whenever I am making any decision – big or small – in my life.

I don’t know if anyone can relate to it but there are times in everyone’s life when they know that something that they are doing might have a devastating effect on someone. But they tend to reason out the behaviour. It’s sometimes so basic to know that every action has consequences. Something might never affect you directly but it does wound the soul.

Dorian Gray is the most human fictional character. He is virtuous, which most of us are, but we seldom accept it. His actions are justified in his head but they scar his soul. He never aged but his soul did. And this feeling, always keeps me grounded.

I cannot wait to post my next post!

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  1. That was such an interesting thing to learn about Dorian Gray. Mostly I have wanted to see the movie because of Ben Barnes 😉

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