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Ebooks or Audiobooks? A few years ago, I was trying to figure out if ebooks are better than traditional paperbacks. At that point in time, I kind of favoured ebooks because I was running out of space in my home to keep new books and an ebook reader is really practical. Today, the fight is between technologies!

Paperback remains an emotional treasure. But for someone who reads anything and everything, an ebook is definitely a boon. However, audiobooks entered the war ground and now the conversation is even more intense.

Ebook or Audiobook: Pros and Cons

The technology of being able to listen to books while you work is pretty enticing. But can all the books be listened to?

I listened to A Promised Land because it was narrated by Obama himself. The flow of emotions is mindblowing and I don’t think I could have read it and visualized it in my head better than I did after listening to it.

The attention span is already very less for us in today’s world. It’s very easy to lose focus while listening to books because we are so used to listening to things on social media – this is what I feel.

The essence of READING books is still alive with ebooks. But audiobooks are completely against that whole idea.

What do I prefer?


But books which are either informational or autobiographies, I prefer audiobooks. Informational books on Audible is more like news bulletin for me. Autobiographies in the author’s voice render every emotion better.

I don’t think I can ever listen to contemporary fiction. I tried doing it with a few books but I didn’t succeed.

Ebooks or audiobooks? What do you think?

I don’t know what is going to be the battle three years down the line but I know that nothing can beat the fun of flipping through the pages of books and putting a physical bookmark!

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