I Read Too | Do we need to Support Independent Bookstores? | #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

Once I started writing about my reading journey, I realized that there are so many things I have to share! There are a few things that I can’t buy from chains of stores. Books are one them.

No matter how much I love the displays of big retail bookstores, the charm of the corner book shop is mesmerizing. I started reading because I found a small bookstore near my school which dealt with second hand books. I used to buy books for INR 20 and resell for INR 10 and finished reading every leading children’s books series.

These local bookstores even have some rarest editions of books and that just melts my heart.

I went to Phi Phi Island in Thailand and stumbled into a bookstore owned by a very cute cat lady. She had loads of cats and some very rare books. And she had rich experiences to share.

Few of her books came with some really great stories of the owners.

These kind of bookstores needs to be preserved. They are a legacy!

Not just that. A smooth running of these bookstores ensures that the economy of the community is fostered. It also promotes literacy and creates awareness around world literature.

This is a really short post – but local bookstores have all my heart!

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