I Read Too | A Fictional Book that Could be My Biography | #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

This is my favourite topic that I have chosen for the Half Marathon.

While reading any book, I have always visualized myself in the shoes of some character of the book. Is that a normal thing? I think it is true for every reader!

If I have to pick up one book and call it my biography, it would be The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

That naughty boy with a mischievous mind is just me. I could actually relate to him – rather see myself in him. Every time I read the book, I know my mind would have worked in the same way.

Right from the satire to the social criticism, Tom Sawyer’s character displayed every trait so vibrantly!

When I read the book for the first time, I knew exactly what Tom Sawyer would do in the situation. His cunning way of making the tedious job of painting the fence look interesting so that other boys would do it for him!

His quest for the treasure is so relatable to the contentment that I seek in life. It gives me hope that the way he found the pot of gold, I will also find peace and contentment in my life.

The reason I read this novel was that in our textbooks in school, we had short chapters from this book. This boy seemed interesting and then there was no looking back!

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