5 Great Reasons to visit Vacationland Maine

When I came to the US roughly three years ago, I was fascinated by many things. Here are few things out of the many that amazed me about this land of opportunities. But the most fantastic thing was the vast and varied landscape. If it were not for Covid, I would have covered a lot of places by now. However, I am glad to visit Vacationland Maine as soon as I got vaccinated.

Okay, so every state in the US have their phrase (or slogan) for them. Texas is called the Lone Star State, and New York is called the Empire State – so on and so forth. These phrases define the states very well. Maine is called the Vacationland, and I can not emphasise how apt it is!

I recently visited Maine during a road trip to the East Coast, and I wish words were enough to describe the beauty of this place. I will be sharing a detailed post on the trip sun. But first, let’s discuss Vacationland Maine.

Vacationland Maine | Sushmita Malakar

Vacationland Maine: History

Maine is known as the Vacationland for more than 200 years now. It was officially declared as a vacationland after the Civil War. The Bar Harbor region attracted wealthy and powerful summer residents in the late 19th century before Acadia National Park was established. More on this park, later.

Mild Summers and Beautiful Coastline

The weather in Maine is the most enticing reason for people to escape the cities. Summers are beautiful – green and calming. The coastline is dreamy, and on top of that, the mountains make this place so desirable.

Vacationland Maine | Sushmita Malakar

Something for everyone

Go on challenging hikes, relax at the beach or chill on your yacht – you can do anything in Maine.

Vacationland Maine | Sushmita Malakar

Vacationland Maine: A paradise for Lighthouse Lovers

I love lighthouses. They signify so much. While the US has the most significant number of lighthouses globally, Maine houses 65 of them. Every lighthouse has a fascinating history.

Vacationland Maine | Sushmita Malakar

Acadia National Park

I am not a National Park lover. I visit them for the landscapes that I have never seen before. But Acadia has my heart despite having just lakes and mountains and beaches. It’s just so spectacular!

Vacationland Maine | Sushmita Malakar

Love Lobsters?

If you love lobsters or don’t, Maine is the largest lobster supplier in the US, and you have to try them!

I will be sharing my detailed post soon!

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