The Video Game Nostalgia | Cheers to Good times!

Adulthood is like Schrodinger’s cat. It can be both fun and difficult. You wouldn’t know until you fully open the box!

While adulthood is fun in terms of financial independence, it is stressful. And in general, the world is stressful. For me, going back to things of my childhood is a way to help me reset and feel good. I sometimes watch the same movies over and over again, which I enjoyed in my childhood. Playing the same video games from my childhood is another thing to do too.

Video Game Nostalgia is a thing!

I am a 90s kid, so I do have played a lot of games. I didn’t play video games because I didn’t grow up in a household which encouraged it, but I did spend a lot of time with my Gameboy. I might not have played Super Mario when it was trendy, sure. But I did jump into the world of video games later on when Delta Force, Max Payne and Half-Life were in a rage. Not to forget the time when we had the Nokia brick phone and had the game snakes in it. Oh, oh, oh..and the flash player based website games by Disney too!

The Video Game Nostalgia

All these games earmark a specific time in my life. The Gameboy was my early childhood; Snakes was my adolescent and beyond, and the rest were a substantial part of my teenage years. However, when I play them today, I happily relive those carefree days of my life. And that is a wonderful feeling!

The Simpler Days

When I say reliving those carefree days, I mean missing those times when life was straightforward. Being a child with no grudges and the only complexity in life was to choose the perfect shade of green to fill the landscape of the drawing I made.

Going back to those days, do you remember how simple even the games were? Yes, the games these days have all the real-time and life features. But the simple pixelated games also signify how simple life was back then!

I stumbled upon this website which is a gem! is a straightforward website with more than 100 games. What kind of games? The kinds that we all loved!

The Video Game Nostalgia

This is just one of the many games. This website is home to HTML based video games. I love this website for its cleaner and white look. Makes it all the lighter. Every game loads fast, and they are those pretty simple arrow-and-spacebar-key-based games. It works perfect on any web browser and my iOS-based phone and tablet!

The Video Game Nostalgia

Playing those simpler games on the phone screen without over-heating your phone with the individual game apps is literally at your fingertips!

The Video Game Nostalgia: Familiarity

I mentioned how I circle back to video games when I am stressed out. Familiarity is one factor that makes me comfortable when I play these games. I know these games, they bring out a familiar time of my life, and I don’t have to put in any extra effort to learn a new thing – which is sometimes appreciated in life, right?

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