5 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Pure Water for Your Kid

Healthy food habits in children pave the way towards healthy wellbeing ahead. Not just healthy food, but the parents should also educate the children about drinking pure water. 

Often doctors and experts advise parents to track whether the kids are consuming a sufficient amount of water or not. But, it is equally crucial to track whether the child is drinking pure water or not.

Of course, not drinking clean water will lead to several health concerns. But apart from these, there are several benefits that the child can enjoy upon drinking pure water. 

Supplies Nourishment

The growing body of a child requires a higher amount of nutrients. Water has essential natural minerals that help revitalize and maintain the body’s metabolism that leads to the healthy growth and development of the child. Not just plain water, it is also a great idea to make your child drink flavoured water such as lime water or so. Eating fruits such as cucumber, watermelon, and others is equally beneficial as they have up to 80% water. 

Prevents Constipation

Not drinking enough water leads to constipation as the food does not get digested properly due to a lack of water. But also consumption of contaminated water leads to cases of unhealthy gut in kids. At times, the excess salt or chemical can react with the bile or other items in the abdomen, leading to problems in the bowel movement. Most children may have issues of constipation in such a case. There are also cases where the child may face diarrhoea or even food poisoning if they do not drink pure water. 

Keeps Them Hydrated and Energized

Most children love the flavours of carbonated drinks and wish to consume such beverages when thirsty. Though these drinks may quench the thirst, they do not hydrate the body. Also, the caffeine in them is very harmful to children. Thus, parents should develop good habits of drinking pure water in place of carbonated drinks in the children. 

5 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Pure Water for Your Kid

There are several ways that the parents can make use of, such as offering fruit-infused water that looks colourful and also tastes good. Not staying hydrated enough can lead to several problems in children, such as kidney disorder, lack of energy, etc. 

Improves Brain Functioning

Children learn several things from their surroundings during the growing age, such as home, school, society, and others. But they can only remember the learnings if they have a developed brain. A growing and developing brain requires a healthy diet and a good amount of pure water

So, how is water essential for the functioning of the brain?

Well, water is essential for every single cell in the human body. Water carries oxygen to the brain’s cells, which is crucial for the optimal development and functioning of the brain. Also, the hydration attained by water helps in the lubrication of the brain tissues, leading to the brain’s development

Protects from Water-Borne Diseases

Children are born with a comparatively lower immune system than the average adult. Slowly and gradually, the immunity in children develops as they grow into fully grown people. But during this time of adolescence, it is vital to keep them protected from various health concerns. Many common diseases can occur due to dirty water, such as typhoid, cholera, and others.

According to a report by UNICEF and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), it is estimated that around 37.7 million Indians are affected by water-borne diseases annually, 1.5 million children are estimated to die of diarrhoea alone.

Hence, drinking unclean water can lead to several water-borne diseases in children. To keep children away from such issues, the parents must help the kids distinguish between pure water and wish to not. It is also essential to teach them how pure drinking water will keep them away from dangerous health hazards.

Unfortunately, the water that we get in our homes is not fit for drinking. Whether it is the Municipal water supply or the water from a borewell or tanker, you can’t risk the life of your young kids.

The easiest way to stay away from water-borne diseases and ensure access to clean water is to treat the raw water using a water purifier.

If you buy a water purifier for the first time and are not sure which one to buy, you can check online reviews and guides. We found a good water purifier review blog; you can check this out.

Wrapping Up

Water is a crucial element for the growth and development of children. Hence, parents should try different ways to grow the habit of drinking water in their kids. Also, apart from drinking water regularly, they should monitor carefully whether the child is consuming pure water or not. The habit of drinking pure water indeed leads to several benefits for children, such as those mentioned above in this post. 

Featured Image: Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash

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