3 Reasons Why I have Fallen in Love with Online Shopping

You know I have never been much of a shopper. Online shopping has always confused me and I would be the last person who would know about deals, delivery slots, and how to choose the right outfit by just looking at what the model is wearing.

However, the pandemic has taught me some new skills and one of these skills has been online shopping. Well, I’m still terrible at finding the best deals but if you ask me where to find the best snacks, I’m your girl. Before you think I have completely turned over a new leaf, let me tell you, like 81% of Indian adults, I’m confident that snacking will be a part of my life [as stated in the Mondelēz International’s Second Annual State of Snacking™ Report] even after this second wave of the pandemic finishes – we can hope can’t we – and this skill I will happily hone!

Not just me, even my grandmother and mother have become quite tech-savvy and like me, have fallen in love with online shopping too. 

Why online shopping is working in India?

It’s safe and almost feels like a game

I don’t know about you but I have become quite paranoid about stepping out of my house. I try and stay home as much as possible and now that I’m not averse to online shopping, I find adding stuff to my cart, irrespective of whether I buy anything or not, quite therapeutic. 

In addition, what I absolutely love about apps that I use to buy my snacks is the “buy again” option. I was doing some research into this and was not surprised to find that like me, in 2020 46% of Indians used the “buy again” button as opposed to only 27% in 2019! It makes my shopping experience so much better. I’m also not averse to winning freebies or various points which I can then redeem on my next snacking shopping extravaganza. 43% of Indians agree with me that points and freebies provide a game-like experience. Think about it, it’s like you’re on an epic quest, looking for coins.

Online Shopping | Snacking

80% order brands they trust, especially during uncertain times

I think one of the reasons I was so averse to online shopping was I didn’t know what I was buying. Sure, there are assurances but if I haven’t smelled the fragrance, or tried a snack and know I’d like the taste, how am I supposed to buy anything? But while shopping for snacks online, I started to rely on brands I trusted. For example, for my chocolate needs, I went to Cadbury Dairy Milk or 5Star. For biscuits, like the 49% of other Indians, I tried a few that my family recommended, but I finally went back to Oreo. 

Personalization: my snack is my snack none of your snack 

A friend of mine guided me on how I could personalize my online shopping experience by applying filters, using keywords [ha ha my blogging experience really helped me here!], recommendations based on ordered products, and thorough use of buy again.

That’s when I found out that my favourite childhood brand, Cadbury, has its online gift site where you can get personalized chocolate hampers. Who doesn’t love the idea of affordable chocolate hampers with their favourite chocolates and their name and picture on the packaging? They make a great gift! Also, they are unique keepsakes too – I mean, I will never hesitate to gift myself my favourite snacks with my picture on them.

Shopping experience has really changed over the past year and I see myself adopting online shopping even more thoroughly in the months to come. How about you? How has your experience been like with online shopping? Or, do you miss perusing the aisles at food stores and malls?

  1. Online shopping has been the best way to order snacks this past year. I also like the deals and the by again option. It makes shopping so much easier. I grew up with Cadbury and its the only chocolate brand I love. Happy snacking to you to me and to all of us. #stateofsnscking

  2. We have also loved ordering online a few snacks I had seen. It’s convenient also. Hahaha but I love how you compared it with playing a game. It’s so true. I never realized it.

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