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I suppose there is one day that I can celebrate like a festival, other than my birthday, it’s this day! World Cocktail Day is so much more than other arbitrary days – for me and the rest of the world!

World Cocktail Day: May 13, 2021

World Cocktail Day is a celebration of cocktails worldwide, marking the publication date of the first definition of a cocktail on May 13th in 1806.

Let’s talk history

Before the publication, the cocktail had a loose definition. But in the end, the simple combination of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters is the one that stuck. The Repository article is the earliest written record that does more than mention the drink, so it’s appropriate that theirs is the piece we celebrate on World Cocktail Day.

What is a cocktail?

Let’s put it simply, from one of my home-bartending classes.

World Cocktail Day

How to Celebrate World Cocktail Day

  • Find a nice cocktail bar – they are the best thing in the world
  • Craft some cocktails at home. Here is your go-to resource!
  • Throw a socially distanced party, call a mixologist and do a mixology get-together!
  • Enrol in a mixology workshop
  • Use #WorldCocktailTail and be a part of the social media bandwagon!

Leaving you with a Recipe..

Persian Rose cocktail⁠

30ml gin⁠
15ml lime juice⁠
30ml rose and cardamom simple syrup.⁠
Sparkling water ⁠
For Garnish:⁠
Dried rose petal and pink decorative sugar for rimming the glass⁠
Pretty pink rose flower bud⁠
Ground cardamom⁠
Use food-grade flowers⁠

You now what you have to do!

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