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The only thing that I tell my peers when they ask me about marriage – do it! For me, my marriage has been a continued date night. I believe that finding ‘the one’ is all about destiny. You can work hard to get your education and job. But meeting your lover is a different story. Some are lucky to find their match effortlessly, and some have to go through a lot of hit and trials to find the love story they deserve.

But why am I talking about this right now? I was going through my picture to write a new blog post. Though I have already written my travel post about Los Angeles, I realized that Los Angeles is probably one of those places which have got the best places to go on dates – for every stage of your relationship.

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If you are already in a relationship or are married, then this is a ready reckoner for you to find some nice activities and places to do in Los Angeles for dates. My husband and I are always doing touristy things and couple-ish things wherever we go.

If you are single, Los Angeles Personals is the place for you to find dates securely. It’s a great place to find and connect with your potential matches. Covid has definitely changed my perception of online dating. It is a good idea to talk to people before planning a date. Once matched, this website also tells you what to do around the place and give you some date ideas too!

Dating in Los Angeles is fun. Check out a few things I found really cool and you can do only in LA!

Date Ideas in Los Angeles: Take a walk in Venice

Now it might be cliched, but the most beautiful thing to do in LA, no matter where you are in a relationship, is to take a walk around the beautiful settlements of Venice. It gives you those perfect European vibes and is quintessential, to say the least.

Go to cute cocktail bar in Abbott Kinney Boulevard

Cocktails are always a great conversation starter. If it’s your first date, don’t hesitate to try a lively cocktail bar in this area.

Go on a self guided tour of the quirky murals in LA!

This is a great way of exploring a city and knowing each other’s taste in a lot of things in life! Again, every mural can help you striking a new conversation and give you opportunities to know each other.

Beach Love | Street Art Los Angeles |

These are my all-time favourite activities in any city. However, in LA, they can be implemented well because of the options available. I personally love piers. Santa Monica is an iconic place to be, but I am not sure if it’s a good idea to go there on a date. Keeping your dates a li’l different than what you would naturally do in a city can be seen as a welcoming move – especially during covid.

Please be aware and mindful about practising social distancing and using face-covering when in public space. Avoid going to places that are crowded.

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