How to Sleep Well | Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow Product Review

When they say sleep like a baby, they mean sleep deeply and have a sound sleep. But, it has a deeper meaning. A baby develops during its sleep. As an adult, your body repairs itself when you are sleeping – regenerates your cells, gives your brain a rest and rejuvenates your body for the next day. So, you need to sleep well. How to sleep well? Let’s find out.

I have suffered from anxiety and have a lot of trouble sleeping on some days. I do a few things to make sure that I fall asleep quickly and have a sound sleep.

Turn Off Any Blue Screen Exposure

I make sure not to use my phone, laptop, or tablet after dinner. At the same time, browsing during bedtime seems like a good idea to make you fall asleep. It does the exact opposite thing. Look for alternatives like reading a book to put yourself to sleep.

Cut off caffeine in the Evening

For me, consuming coffee in any form after 3 PM is a sleep killer. I don’t drink coffee after 3 PM unless I deliberately want to stay awake. The time might be different for different people, but it said that you should not have caffeine six hours before bedtime.

How to sleep Well: The right Pillow and Mattress

A good bed, which combines the perfect pillow and mattress, is essential for a good night’s sleep.

While a mattress is significant for your overall sleep posture, a good pillow is important for a neutral posture- aligning your neck to the rest of the body for a good night’s sleep. Everybody is unique, and thus, they need a pillow that suits their body shape and comfort.

Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow

I would like to talk about Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow by Core Products. I have been using it, and it’s the best thing I have come across. I will tell you why!

When they say adjustable, they mean it!

The pillow comes overfilled. All you have to do is unzip the pillow, carefully remove the cluster fiber according to your need, zip it back and sleep like a baby. Store the extra filling in the pillow bag that comes with the pillow.

If you are a stomach sleeper like me, you will need less fill. Moderate fill is great for back sleepers. And, if you are a side sleeper, the most fill is the best bet. But you know you can adjust it according to your needs!

And don’t worry about the lumping of the filling. It’s made up of soft, clean, cluster virgin fiber, which rearranges itself inside the pillow with every adjustment, increasing the pillow’s resilience.

I am a happy sleeper, thanks to this pillow.

Memory Foam Gel

It comes with a memory foam gel layer, which gives a peaceful sleep experience. It’s removable too. This is the best part about this pillow; you can customize it anytime you want, any way you like!

Easy to maintain

The pillow is made up of hypoallergenic fiber and is machine washable. Just remove the memory foam gel layer and throw it in the machine. Detailed washing instructions are provided with the product.

I have washed the pillow twice and it always retains its original shape and size.

Take a Relaxing Bath or Shower

I take a bath at night, two hours after dinner. It puts me to sleep really well. When you are struggling with sleep, try taking a hot shower or bath and shut your mind off. It really helps!

Avoid Irregular Naps

I believe in cat naps. A quick power nap in the afternoon helps me function well because I wake up early and have many errands to run. However, a long nap at irregular times can meddle with your sleep cycle and cause trouble while sleeping at night.

If you are wondering how to sleep well, these are my tried and tested ways to get a timely sleep. How much should you sleep? This source might help you:

I hope you have a good night’s sleep today!

This is a sponsored post but all the views and opinions are my own. 

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