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It’s 2021 already? Honestly, I’m still planning to wrap my head around 2020. But I guess I don’t need to do it anymore!

So, do I have any new-year-new-me kind of post to share? NO.

But it’s still a new thing to do – not posting the usual first post of the year where I talk about my resolutions. Year after year, I have made 10 resolutions and hardly completed 50 per cent of them. Well, optimists will say that I at least completed 50 per cent of them. But those are the goals which I would have completed even without listing them down. 2020 was the year when I realized how I have been taking my ability to complete my goals for granted for so long!

Anyhow, why am I here today? And what exactly is free write?

I tried to stick to some schedule for writing on my blog. I started with Monday Motivation to motivate myself while trying to make it a fun read. Guess who failed? But I definitely did not fail in continuing with my Midweek Happy Hour series!

My blog started as my space. I let my emotions flow – flow as water. But things changed after I started blogging full time. My emotions took a back seat – I started writing more about what the internet said will bring more footfall. I don’t know if you like reading about my travel stories or money-saving tips on wedding jewellery, but I do know for a fact that you loved reading the posts where I opened my heart out!

Does that mean I will stop monetizing my blog and say no to all the sponsors who keep my kitchen running? No silly, of course not! However, I will free-write every Monday to reclaim my emotional space, here on my blog. While I enjoy writing everything here, I miss writing about my whims and fancies, fears, and motivation! And that is where this technique called free-write come to play!

Freewriting is a technique where you write, without hitting the backspace, for some time (I have decided that to be 600 words) without thinking about the rhetorical concerns or conventions or grammatical errors. Thus, the written piece is unusable, but I have still decided to publish it because I need a mental dump.

According to the internet, it helps the writer overcome any mental block. Well, I am not sure about mental blocks, but I surely have forgotten how to express myself – even in person. This is an attempt to reclaim that too!

I don’t want to do any SEO, for once, while writing. I don’t want any distraction while writing, for once. I could have done it while journaling, you might say. But then, where is the accountability?

Every Monday, I am going to take a mental dump here. And I am going to decide the title after I am done writing. For once, I want to write without any intention. You are most welcomed to read it. Or you can follow my free-write on Medium, where I do this every day for 15 minutes. I write. I might or might not publish, but I let my emotions flow.

The SEO tool in the sidebar right now says that I need to add a rich media, a focus keyword, and many other things to rank this post on Google Search. You know what? Chuck it! Google Rank can wait; my mental wellbeing can not.

And with that, I have come to the end of 600 words. I feel good. Or do I? But I have a long week ahead. So, I need to stop now!

Write like no one is reading!

Free write is definitely one technique I should practice more!

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody on Unsplash

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