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Okay, I skipped the third Monday of this month. It was a public holiday in my defence, and I have promised myself to give breaks and keep myself mentally sorted. So, I do spend a day in the week screen-free and enjoy all the public holidays. But I’m glad I am back on my free write Monday series, even though I have a track record of never returning to something if I break a streak.

I sit here today with nothing particular in mind to start with. I have been doing a lot of things, and yet I know I am not doing enough. I have always been doing that. But there is a difference this time! Earlier, I used to think about the things I could not finish from my to-do list. This time around, I am focussing on the things getting finished and coming at peace because it’s the inherent nature of the to-do list to grow. And I deserve some self-praises for striking off at least somethings from it!

Now, with that, I have finally come up with something substantial to write (and thus also, a title to this post). I have to spend a substantial amount of time reading about blogs and magazines about increasing productivity. They are helpful, no denying. But I completely ignored the fact that these pearls of wisdom won’t work if I don’t find their right plug in my own life.

I started making my bed the first thing in the morning. Apparently, getting something sorted the first thing in the morning helps you set the tone of the whole day right. I completely ignored the fact that it might not be my “that one” chore which makes me feel sorted. It wouldn’t make sense for a few reasons. First, Rohan wakes up two hours after me. I simply can not wait for that much time to bring my life back on track. Second, I have a lot of other tasks to start my day with.

Was I being stupid in not understanding the basic idea behind this making- the- bed- thing? Yes and no. Yes, because I was too convinced that productivity and success has a fixed and replicable model. No because I forgot to evaluate my life before implementing any such model.

Making the bed in the morning is not meant for me. In fact, there is no such activity for the morning which makes me feel accomplished. I feel pumped up if I get up in the morning and walk into a clean and organized home. That simply means that I have to clean my kitchen and the rest of the house before I sleep. Now, that is something which requires me to push my boundaries.

Many of the gurus will tell you not to watch the screen the first thing in the morning. And that doesn’t work for me either. I am happier when I quickly scan through my mailbox and make a mental to-do list. That sets the tone of the day correctly!

Why am I writing about this? I surely don’t want to inspire you to follow my way of life. You know your life better- do what suits you the most! But this thing makes me think. Think hard about how people are minting money and living off people’s struggle and vulnerability of not organising their lives and bringing it on track. It breaks my heart. While the concept of life-coach has been around (I’m not a big fan), it has become more rampant in the age of social media. I am not cribbing, but I am just unhappy!

I am done with my 600 words. See you next week!

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