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“So, have you guys thought about moving in your own house?”

This one question from my husband’s friend during the Thanksgiving dinner had me thinking. Is it time to take life seriously and start adulting? Buying a house mean mortgage and American home mortgage is not really easy to understand for me!

When in India, I had everything sorted – saved the downpayment for a new home where I would have moved in after I got married, figured out all the loans and had the plan of every room chalked out in my head. And then life happened, and we moved to the US. Never planned it but grabbed the opportunity to live in a country which is very different from India.

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When my husband’s friend asked the question, I started giving myself reasons like our visa status, our mental status of settling down too early and whatnot. But in hindsight, I knew that I have to buy a house someday. A property is always a good asset to have. And I live in Austin, so the best time to buy a house is probably NOW!

Even in India, I did my research about everything for almost a year. And I have my gears grinding again, to understand the American home mortgage landscape. I am here for a few more years for sure!

Understanding American Home Mortgage

Austin is my dream city, honestly. It’s laidback, it’s spacious and it’s not overcrowded. And with every other firm moving in, it definitely has a lot of opportunities too! And the houses, oh man, they are so big and dreamy! Big Texan houses!

However, as I mentioned understanding the mortgage landscape is really important. It’s very different from where I come from. I started by learning about it from this trusted source by the Government. And then, you move on to Google and keep on reading. Trust reliable resources and blogs which share their personal experiences.

Home Mortgage Loan Calculator |

While you are doing your research, a home mortgage loan calculator comes handy. I love It gives you all the information you need with real-time market data.

American Home Mortgage|Real time Rates for Austin

Why I am recommending this website?

  • Hassle-free UI
  • Easy to navigate
  • No distractions like irrelevant ads and too much of information


Because of these calculations, I got the confidence of keeping an open mind towards buying a house. I love the rented home we currently live in. But as I said, I am not building any asset out of this liability! By the way, renting a home is also a tedious process!

As I have mentioned earlier, I am currently working as a freelancer, exploring all my opportunities, and thus, my income is seasonal. I will call it sustainable but is it enough for us to own a home? Would it put undue pressure on my husband? All these thoughts are inevitable!

One of the first basic calculator, which is pretty holistic, is the Minimum Income Requirement Calculator. And it really helped me ease off. a lot of pressure!

This website has all the information. I can go on and on! But I will let you know another handy tool and then you can go and explore this website on your own!

The rent v/s buy calculator is a useful tool to understand your present financial status and help you visualize scenarios that will help you make your decision even better!

Just enter your arbitrary requirements:

And voila!

I will keep on updating you with my status of buying home and mostly come up with a easy guide too! Till then, educate yourself and stay safe!

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