4 Underrated Reasons To Visit Munich Once In Your Lifetime

The other day, I was having a conversation with my husband about the countries I would love to visit again! My first choice, without a doubt, was Germany! We have spent a good amount of time in Berlin. And that is the exact reason why I want to go there again. I have spent time ONLY in Berlin. The next city I would want to go to is Munich. Why? Let’s find out my reasons to visit Munich!

Munich: A delight!

“Munich, cool. I’d love to go to the beer gardens and catch a soccer game during Oktoberfest!” Are there any more generic reasons to travel to the third-largest city in Germany? Don’t get me wrong; everyone should experience the drunk, lederhosen-wearing locals atop a rickety garden table with a Steiner in hand. It goes without saying.

Still, it’s easy to class Munich as one thing – a hub for drinking and partying – when it’s so much more. You probably didn’t realize there are more than eighty museums to choose from within the city limits, or that the coffee is out of this world.

Right there, that’s why you should visit Munich once in your lifetime – it’s a relative smorgasbord of activities. Whether you want to stay on the beaten track or venture off it, the capital of Bavaria has plenty to offer. For those seeking a less well-known path, here are four things that you’ll love in Munich.

The Food

Okay, the Germans are like the English – they aren’t renowned for their food! There’s a lot of pickling going on, and cabbage that doesn’t look very appetizing. However, there are incredible delights that are notorious the world over. Head to a German market in Europe, and you’ll see the bratwursts flying off the shelves.

And, no one has ever argued against a pork schnitzel, not when the lightly battered, thin meat is paired with a dish of your choosing. Plus, there are traditional Bavarian recipes that you should try. For example, weisswurst is an institution, as is Schweinshaxe. It might not be completely Deutsch, but a doner kebab has become a staple of the nation as a whole due to the country’s ties with Turkey.

4 Underrated Reasons To Visit Munich Once In Your Lifetime | Doner Kebab
Photo by ThePowerCouple on Unsplash

If you’re ever in doubt, this melt-in-your-mouth-meat will blow your socks off, as will the chilli sauce!

The Cultural Hub

Other cities, namely Berlin, are given a cultural tag due to their history. There’s no denying the capital’s claim, yet you shouldn’t do it at the expense of Munchen. After all, the city is a cultural hub that has plenty to offer.

You should always start exploring any new city, and what you’ll find in Munich will surprise you. As new meets old, the feel and attitude of the place changes. For instance, one minute you have the wonderfully beautiful baroque architecture of Ludwigstraße, and the next you’re struck by the vivid colours of Museum Brandhorst.

Speaking of museums, art in Munich is breathtaking as the galleries have some of the most iconic pieces ever painted. A prime example is View of Arles, Flowering Orchards by Vincent Van Gogh at the Neue Pinakothek. However, there are also works by Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Franz Marc dotted around the city.

Reasons To Visit Munich: The Greenery

There aren’t many places in mainland Europe where you can experience the greenery that you find in the US. The UK is known for its moorlands and national parks, but it’s an island that pays a heavy price – 24-hour rain! Germany gets better weather due to its location, especially in the summer, yet it still gets plenty of moisture.

This means the open green spaces inside Munich’s city limits are extraordinary. The aptly named “English Gardens” are popular with locals and tourists because it stretches for 900 acres. Think of it as Munich’s answer to Central Park. There is also the less crowded and just as spectacular West Park.

Because Muncheners are active, the parks’ events reflect this, so don’t be surprised to see an open-air cinema pop up in West Park in the warmer months. Don’t forget to bring a blanket.

4 Underrated Reasons To Visit Munich Once In Your Lifetime


Surfing is a testament to the eclectic nature of Munich. On the one hand, you have the partying and the city’s dark past, and on the other, you can take your surfboard to the Eisbach channel in the English Garden and catch a wave.

The waves are reliable as they are humanmade. In an attempt to slow the flow of the water, blocks were put into the river. As a result, the surf is pretty rad! It was illegal, but now it isn’t, so tons of people queue up for an opportunity to use their board in the middle of a packed city. 

If you’re that way inclined, you can watch from the sidelines, something lots of people do due to the ice-cold water temperature. Still, it’s the experience that counts!

Bottom Line?

Munich is a treasure chest of awesome food, mind-bending culture, and light and airy open spaces and countryside. So, if you go once, you’ll have plenty of reasons to visit again.

Featured Image: Photo by Alana Harris on Unsplash

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