Work from Home is Here to Stay| Setting Up You Work Station

While working for one of the Big 4s, I was lucky enough to have clients who let me work from home. But I never imagined that there would be a time when I will be saying that work from home is here to stay! So, for a brief career of three years in consulting, I worked from home for roughly two of them. And honestly, I have never felt anything more efficient and satisfying than working from home.

Why I love the ‘WFH’ culture?

There are way too many reasons. Of course, the first one being more efficient. I honestly get more out of my 8 hours at home than 8 hours in the office. And go to the office to break the monotony. However, here are a few other reasons:

  • I can avoid unnecessary small talks with colleagues I don’t like
  • I can avoid socializing as much as I want to and avoid office gossip when I am working.
  • Constantly getting asked about my workstation aesthetics (which is very lively, by the way, and not to mention, organized)

Talking about the workstation, now that the work from home is here to stay, it is essential to set up your own work station at home. While in the beginning, we all worked off the dining table or kitchen counters, having a permanent work station is really important to have a nice temperament, especially when everything else is not normal too!

Work from Home is Here to Stay: Workstation Checklist

I am sharing a quick checklist to set up your own workstation.


I have a small apartment, so I get the apprehension of not having enough space. But trust me, two of us are doing just fine in our 1-bed apartment. We gave up the designated dining space to set up my husband’s workstation. Let us be practical, and it’s the two of us we don’t need a dining space. We any way eat on the kitchen counter or in the living room while watching television. And we are not having guests over, thanks to the pandemic. So yes, setting up a workstation seems more apt. I have my workstation in my bedroom, where it should be. I called dibs!

 Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash
Work from Home is Here to Stay

So look around, you will find a well ventilated and lit up space to work.


Let’s talk bare bones – a good table and a chair are all you need where you can sit comfortably for longer durations. It all depends on your preference and space. However, if you are looking for some cool deals on furniture, you can check out!

Office Equipment and Tech

If we talk bare bones here, it’s your laptop that you need. But here are a few things which will really make a difference. We all know that you tend to work for more hours at home, so let’s make them count!

  • Get a monitor. My ophthalmologist has clearly told me to work on a bigger screen for a better focus and healthier eyes. Dell has some extremely affordable monitors for home workstation set up, and you can save more by using these Dell coupons.
  • I highly recommend accessories like mouse and keyboard. They definitely make the working hours more comfortable.
  • When I say work from home is here to stay, I secretly mean that our virtual meetings are here to stay! I work as a freelancer, and for me, meeting my clients have always been virtual. A good webcam is definitely a good investment. I would again suggest Dell for some affordable webcams.
  • A printer, if only it’s vital.
  • Apps and software which makes your life easier and can help you maintain a seamless work-life balance.


  • You can accessorize your table with a plant or two, which regulated your workspace’s humidity and helps you prevent dry and itchy eyes!
  • Binders and paper organizers
  • Water bottle – which is definitely my must!
  • Some candles and diffusers to make your space smell good all the time!
  • Whiteboard or a poster board, on the wall.

I took a month to setup my work station and I absolutely love it!

Work from Home is Here to Stay| Setting Up You Work Station
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