5 Best Evergreen Winter Fashion Trends

I don’t write a lot about fashion. Why? Because I believe in evergreen trends. Or maybe I am too old school. But there are a few things which are a must in my wardrobe. I am sharing 5 evergreen winter fashion trends which are classy, chic and of course, a must!

The best part about having evergreen outfits in your wardrobe is that you can buy during the best sale season and not worry about them being outdated in the next season!

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Black Over Coat

I am always gushing over black overcoats! I do have other evergreen colours like grey and off-white, but black is always the go-to thing! Pull it over a dress or your regular blouse and jeans; it’s never going to look out of place!

And its evergreen everywhere – like this coat I got from India, flaunted in the Czech Republic and can not stop wearing here!

I am sharing 5 evergreen winter fashion trends

Evergreen Winter Fashion Trends: Black Leather Jacket

They are never going to go out of fashion! Black leather jackets with basic denim pants look the classiest! And you can check out these Old Navy Coupons on Slickdeals.net for some great offers and styles!

Nowadays, faux leather and vegan leather are better things to opt for – but this style is timeless! Let’s look into the reasons why leather jackets are so cool:

  • they come in so many styles, but the basic and minimal jacket is never dated
  • they are so vintage yet trendy
  • just like aviator sunglasses, leather jackets were created for fighter pilots
  • they are both FORMAL and CASUAL
5 Evergreen Winter Fashion Trends

Black Boots

You might think that I am a fan of black color, but I am not. Winter mood is best defined by black. And black never goes out of trend!

A comfortable pair of black boots, preferable calf-length are just the best winter footwear. They make wearing short dresses in winters so effortless. And of course, they are the best companion for skinny jeans in winters!

Just Texan winter evening!

Oversized Crew Neck Sweater

First, a white coloured crew neck sweater, preferably oversized is one of the best evergreen winter fashion trends to follow!

I am a huge fan of oversized sweaters, and I currently opted mauve color – to give a break to the monotony of black! You can find some super stylish oversized sweaters at Old Navy. I love them in solid colors – they are timeless!

Evergreen Winter Fashion Trends: Cosy and Solid Muffler

Mufflers give a very cosy and comfy feeling and look. And if you live in colder cities, this is not just an evergreen fashion trend but a winter must!

Evergreen Winter Fashion Trends: Black Leather Jacket

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