7+ Cute Date Ideas During Quarantine

It’s not a hidden fact that this year has been the most unpredictable and difficult for most of us. No, for all of us. And it has been particularly hard on my single friends. Finding dates is all the more difficult! And not able to meet new people is definitely difficult. And then I come up with a list of cute date ideas during quarantine?

I am sure by now everyone has explored every date idea that can be done virtually – dinners, happy hours or maybe watching a movie together over Zoom. But trust me, you can never run out of things to do!

I am sure everyone(single) is talking to new people and planning their dates. I am sharing some cute date ideas that you can implement during the second quarantine/lockdown. And the best part about this list? Married, engaged or single, you can definitely try them out!

Go for a Private Mixology Session

If I am writing a listicle and I don’t include alcohol, you can safely assume that my account has been hacked! If you feel safe going to bars, you can actually lookout for places near you where you can book mixology session, learn to mix drinks, drink and have candid conversations.

Or better still, you can look for virtual cocktail making classes, and do something new at the comfort of your home. And if you couldn’t find anything, you can check out my make at home cocktails and have a nice Saturday night at home or virtually (if you are away from your couple).

Go for a hiking, that is if you both are down for it

This is not something I would suggest for your first date. First dates, with or without the quarantine, especially in the world of online dating, should be in a public place or somewhere you feel safe. It can be a virtual date too!

But during these times, when social distancing is important, hiking is a nice thing to do because most hiking trails are secluded and your chances of coming in contact with people (or touching contaminated things) are very less.

And there is nothing more beautiful than a nature walk for a date!

Cute Date Ideas During Quarantine| Go on Hiking Trails
Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash

Have a mask making session – better than a movie night, trust me!

Get some reusable clothe masks, grab some vinyl, glitter, fabrics and glue and get creative. Make each other some masks over some drinks and know each other a li’l more.

Comment below if you would want some mask ideas and printable pattern!

Cute Date Ideas During Quarantine- Home Workout Session, anyone?

I love the home workout sessions. Exercise is good for you! And I and bae have been doing some dance workout sessions at home for our weekly date nights as we are avoiding restaurants. We never used to go to the gym together, but this is fun! And dancing definitely makes you feel confident about yourself!

You can do this together or maybe virtually, and it’s fun! I also take home workout classes with friends in different time zones, and it’s so much fun!

No dates? Find someone or chat with someone new!

Online dating has been around for a while. And it has evolved with time – making it safer for the users, while they search for someone they can date and know better. Jacksonville Personals is a great place to start with! This website makes dating in Jacksonville pretty simple! Find local people to chat or meet over coffee. There is no obligation to approach people. You can either make a profile, and see what happens or just put yourself out there, make the first move, chat with people and decided if you want to meet (in person or virtually)!

My Favourite – Nerd Night

Me and bae often set aside a date night to talk about random things and get lost in the Wikipedia and YouTube loop. It’s never-ending! Sometimes, we love to talk and research about super interesting things like the theory of relativity and time travel. And sometimes, just random things like pyramid schemes. And I love it how we spend almost a whole night doing these random things together!

Cute Date Ideas During Quarantine
Cute Date Ideas During Quarantine | Nerd out in a Library

Cute Date Ideas During Quarantine – Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

If you are both animal lovers, this is a very nice and kind way of spending an afternoon. Go and volunteer at an animal shelter – receive a lot of love from the kind-hearted creatures and spend some quality time!

Take a walk at a college campus

Living in Texas has been a boon! I am surrounded by beautiful university campuses, and taking a stroll in the campus is an experience in itself! If you don’t like hiking, as I mentioned above, a relaxed walk is definitely something you will enjoy. Keep yourself safe – have your mask on, don’t gather around with people and I think hanging out with some picnic food is a great idea for a first (or not!) date!

Grow a li’l garden together

Watching plants grow is the best way to watch your love and gratitude grow! Plant some perennials together, watch it grow every day – this is definitely a great way of making memories, which lasts forever!

Cute Date Ideas During Quarantine | Grow a Garden
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