Sushmita’s Gift Guide | 15+ Gift Ideas for Book Lovers [That Ain’t Books!]

The holiday season is here, and I have decided to write some gift guides. And the first one is very close to my heart – gifts for book lovers. You can use this gift guide for any occasion and not just as holiday gifts! Birthday gift ideas for book lovers – you can call this guide the same if you wish to!

I will try to cover as many gifts as possible, categorizing to help the gift-giver! Though I am posting the gift guides when Black Friday is just around the corner, if you have been following me, you know how I don’t support black Friday sales. I will try to share as many gifts from small businesses as I can. Some of the links might be affiliate links. And of course, I will be sharing some gifts from popular brands as well!

And if you find any black Friday deals on these products, its a win-win for you!

Lastly, I will try to include the links for Indian readers too, wherever possible.

Under $15

The stock stuffing category! And if you are not here looking for specifically Christmas gifts but in general some gift ideas for book lovers, these gifts are great if you plan to make a gift box with a lot of useful things or just as party favours for your book-themed party!

Portable Reading Lights

If you know, you know why this is one of the most important gifts! I have grown up reading in the dark with a handheld torchlight. Not because I come from a third world country but because I always used to read beyond my sleep time!

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers: Literary Coffee Mugs

This is just the easiest gift! And finding them is even easier! Just google “literary coffee mugs” of “coffee mugs for book lovers”, and you can thank me later!

Book Club Puzzle

This is perhaps something only a real book-loving nerd will admire. I am definitely getting this for myself this Christmas!

Tote Bags and Zipped Pouch with their favourite quotes

These make great gifts – useful for library trips and keeping your stationery safe! I love tote bags and zipped pouches for various reasons:

  • they make great gifts
  • they make great gift packaging
  • they are recyclable
  • they can be customized, affordable and hassle-free

So, this is shameless promotion of my li’l home-based business, which you might want to check out around sustainable packaging. If you have any customization, send me a message there, and I will be happy to make them!

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers: Under $50

Nice Pens For Gifts

This is one of the most popular categories. You can find some really great things which are useful, unique and amazing as gift ideas for book lovers.

Another great gift for book lovers and writers is a fountain pen!  Most readers love tactile things, making a beautiful pen a great gift for them.  I found this pen gift guide very useful for finding a great pen for under $50.  I know that might sound like a lot, but luxury fountain pens are no joke!  They can go for $100 and more dollars.  My favorite pen for a good gift is the Pilot Metropolitan or Lamy Safari”

Book Subscription Boxes

I love subscription boxes, and book subscription boxes bring your love for books to life! With books, you get some amazing literary goodies in your monthly boxes. Explore some subscription boxes for books. In India, my favourite was The Big Book Box. And here, I love exploring Cratejoy for various options!

Bookish Kindle Covers/Cases

I am not a Kindle fan, but I love the fact that it’s more sustainable. And also, the independence of carrying a lot of books together. I shifted to Kindle because when I moved countries, I couldn’t get all my books here as I was moving alone and not as a household. And after moving here, I realized I might not be living here forever and thus, and I will not get myself paperbacks – it’s emotional trauma to leave them behind.

These super cute and so realistic bookish cases are anywhere between $20-$40. In India, they are way cheaper though!

Or maybe this beautiful laptop sleeve?

Literary Shot Glasses

Now, what would you give someone who is a book lover and an alcohol lover too? Well, you can gift them a book bases on cocktail recipes inspired by the classic novel. But I won’t be suggesting books here, remember?

So, you gift them these super amazing shot glasses!

Cute and Customised Library Stamps

This is something I have always wanted to have. It’s a great gift for that nerd friend. I found the ones at Alicia Souza’s website really cute! These are available in India and are shipped to everywhere!

Ain’t they cute?

This is largely the one I love. You can find them on Amazon and Etsy for various designs and customizable option.


If your friend is someone who buys books like groceries, some cute shelves make great gifts! There are many options, like floating and hanging shelves.

Coffee Table Decor

Every book lover has a favourite corner to read books! Why not help them light up their favourite corner with some amazing literary things!

Under $100

Cozy Blankets

This is one of my favourite finds. These throw blankets have the text from some classic novels and make book reading experience just right – they are super cosy!


Storing books can be as stylish as possible and these are some super classy options!

Luxurious Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Okay, so this category is for gifts that are really, really great for people who are just mad about collecting books and can do anything to make their collection stand out. These gifts are something that I will gift myself as li’l tokens for achieving my goals in life – professional or personal.

Custom Designed Jackets for Book Series

While original covers are definitely the best, giving a different look to the book collections is definitely a great idea – protect your book from dust too!

Sterling Bookmarks by Tiffany

These are timeless pieces of jewellery, more like a keepsake to acknowledge someone’s love for books and literature.

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers: DIY gifts

No gifts can ever replace DIY gifts. Here are some quirky ideas, if you are into crafts! Let me know if you like something and I will be happily posting a DIY video tutorial of the same!

Handmade bookmarks

These are the best handmade gifts with the least amount of supply needed.

Handmade Book-shaped cookies!

If you love baking and cookies are your thing, get yourself a book shaped cookie cutter (approx. $5) and get baking!

Quotes Poster

Know your friend’s favourite author and get on making a poster of their favourite quotes (or maybe some insults).

DIY Succulent Planter

There are many hardcover books (used and in not very good conditions) which you can find in thrift stores that you can use as props, table decor etc. Why not make aa planter too?

Wall Art

Here are some unique wall art ideas:

  • Find a good quality image of the first edition cover of their favourite book (internet or better still, get a high quality scan from a library), frame it or put it in a shadow box!
  • Frame some great quotes in different sizes. You can print them or may be use some literary postcards!

Bonus: Some books as gifts!

I promised no books, but these are the books you can not miss!

Last Words

I love gifting if that is already not clear! But this guide is something that I wrote while I had in mind my best friend who is probably the strongest sucker for literature! And probably that is the reason she writes so well!

That is all I had, happy shopping and gifting!


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