Dubai Food Culture | Why Dubai is a Foodie’s Paradise

I made this epic trip to UAE during the holidays of 2016-2017. Since then, I have been planning another trip to Dubai just to explore the local street even more! Why? Because Dubai is a foodie’s paradise. Dubai food culture is pretty vibrant – both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

You can do a lot of things in Dubai and I have talked about all of them here. In this post, I want to talk specifically about Dubai’s food culture. I am in love with food in Dubai. I was in Dubai for a week and I returned with a weight gain of almost 5kgs because I had a lot of food there! The meat in Dubai is invariably very, very delish!

Dubai Food Culture: Rich Culture

Dubai is almost 85% ex-pat population and that is the reason why Dubai has a rich food culture. You can enjoy a wide variety of international cuisine here – Thai, Indian, French, Moroccon – you name and Dubai has it.

The authentic Emirati cuisine is also served in a lot of local restaurants. Emirati cuisine is characterized by meat (preferably goat and lambs), dates by the side and tea, flavored with cardamom, saffron and other herbs and spices. The tea has my heart!

Why Dubai is a Foodie’s Paradise: Street Food

I remember strolling on the streets of Umm Sequim and exploring the big and small restaurants for the amazing food they had to offer! It gives a nice break from the busy hustle of city life – I feel that for every food crawl!

You don’t have to always have kebabs or falafel or shawarma, you can explore the pizzas and burgers – for the fusion of the different cuisines! I definitely enjoy burgers with the traditional patty replaced with flatten kebabs with local herbs and spices.

Something for Everyone

While I have talked about the good quality of meat in Dubai, if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, I promise Dubai will not disappoint you either. You will find amazing options for salads, vegetarian kebabs, beyond meat burger and shawarma and almost everything that you can think of! Click here to find more about the vegan restaurants in Dubai. It’s a common misconception that anything without meat is going to be less tasty. But that is not the case in Dubai!

Also, when you go to the desert safari’s you have a wide variety of food options – Emirati, Continental, Vegetarian and Non- vegetarian to name a few!

A Sweet Ending

Dubai is a foodie’s paradise and a dessert lovers heaven. And the traditional UAE desserts go beyond Kunafi and baklava. The traditional pumpkin porridge called Assidat al-Boubar made with dry fruits is one of the oldest traditional desserts. Similarly, Mamoul or the shortbread pastries is one of the most popular middle-eastern desserts, which is now becoming more popular with the advent of modern eating places!

Even the street side kulfi falooda is really different and delicious in Dubai.

While I was in Dubai, I explored each and everything that I could, when it came to food! I have been to so many countries and tried McDonald’s’ almost everywhere but the best apple pie by McDonald’s is available in UAE. My first Cheesecake Factory experience was in Dubai and I have no complaints from it either. Not just that, one of the best French desserts that I have tried was in Dubai, in the Armani Hotel at the top of Burj Khalifa. In short, I am in love with Dubai food culture!

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