How to be Happy Again | 11 Ways to Become Your Happier Self

Disclaimer: I understand that being depressed or being anxious is not by choice. You can not just force yourself to go out and exercise to combat depression. It definitely encourages a healthy lifestyle but fighting mental disorders need special and professional attention. This post is for those difficult days, like Mondays, when you can do with an extra kick of encouragement to drag you through the day by feeling happy about yourself! I hope you enjoy this one!  

What do you want to be when you grow up?   This popular question is timeless and has been asked to almost every child over the years. Unfortunately, many of our answers only addressed future occupations like doctors, racecar drivers, veterinarians, princesses, and more. However, when a young boy, musician John Lennon, was asked this ageless question he proudly proclaimed, “Happy!”

How to be happy again: A Question we all need to ask!

Today, more than ever, many of us can relate to this wise statement. Far too often, we only look towards tangible goals that can be measured and not our overall feelings of happiness. This is important because according to many people, happiness might just be the key to life. As life comes at us hard, we are often left wondering where’s the happiness.  

And let’s be honest, 2020 has not been the kindest of all the years!

Jobs, relationships, illness, overscheduling, stress, and now, COVID19 situation can zap our moods which finds us juggling the demands of adulthood feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. Suddenly, we are realizing our simple answers for what we wanted to be when we grew up might have been misguided. Thankfully, the answer to “how to be happy again” can be found with a few mindful choices. To help on this journey, please scroll through the following 11 ways to become your happier self:

How to be Happy Again | 11 Ways to Become Your Happier Self

Just Laugh  

Laughter can be the best medicine and is an easy way to boost moods while reducing stress. According to experts, even “forced” laughter is beneficial. Seek out laughter by making it a point to talk to friends, watch funny movies, stream a comedian’s act, or tune into your favourite sitcom. 

Nowadays I make it a point that I have some comedian’s act is being played in the background whenever I am at home and doing my daily chores. I just love to keep my surroundings happy and light!

And yes, I attend some great standup comedy shows every now and then!

Get moving

An easy way to boost your happiness is to exercise. Just boosting your mood, mind you. Your mental well being requires more than just exercising!  Research has documented that people who get up and move are happier. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you have to run marathons to gain a little happiness. Walking and other simple movements have been found to increase happiness.

But of course, running marathons bring those sense of achievements which make you feel pretty accomplished – I look back to my pictures whenever I have that I-am-good-for-nothing feels. 

Look for silver linings

This quote is a great reminder for us to turn our thoughts around when we encounter adversity and find ways to look for a positive or silver lining every day. Surprisingly, by taming negative thoughts we can begin to notice the good in our lives which will snowball into more positive thinking.  

Unplug from social media

It’s no secret that social media is a great tool for reconnecting with family and friends. Unfortunately, there can be too much of this good thing. Too much social media can negatively affect our happiness.  You might end up comparing your life with someone who portrays a happy picture – no matter what they are going through – and ultimately make your mind a home for negative emotions like jealousy. Similarly, too much social media exposes you to too many sad things as well! Limit the amount of time you spend online for the sake of your happiness.  

How to be Happy Again: Take action

Many people believe happiness is a trait we are born with, but we don’t have to be a victim of our genes, we can make a choice to be happy. Strive to do one thing daily that brings you happiness or works toward one of your goals. Pursuing happiness makes it more likely to become a reality.

Schedule “me time”

Stress and exhaustion reduce our productivity, emotionally depletes us, and leaves us teetering on the edge of an emotional collapse. Too much stress can also cause bouts of insomnia, anxiety, depression, and lead to heart disease. Make ‘me-time” a priority by setting aside time for self-care. Schedule breaks, soak in a luxurious bath, drive with your windows down, sing along to your favourite tune, journal, call your mom, or meditate for a few minutes daily so you can stay healthy and regain your equilibrium.

My “me-time” consists of some innovative cooking and probably drinking a new variety of green tea. 

How to be Happy Again | Schedule Me Time

See some green (or happy blues!)  

Studies are finding that being outside in green spaces or surrounding yourself with plants can actually improve your happiness levels and improve moods. Challenge yourself to pick up a bouquet of flowers or eat lunch at your local park to enjoy some green therapy.

I love water though – the beaches are my kind of places. And when I don’t get beaches, I head to the pool – somewhere, anywhere!

Surround yourself with positive and optimistic people

Experts have documented that a person’s friend group can affect their happiness levels. Find people who are happy, love to laugh, and enjoy life. Their zest for joy will rub off and give your level of happiness a boost.

Having said that, I don’t mean chuck your sad friends. Chuck the influence of negative people. But if you have friends who are sad, talk to them – help them out if they need. Be the reason for someone’s happiness – it helps you feel positive too!     

How to be Happy Again: Find your passion

As we age, many of us give up our hobbies, interests, or activities that we used to do for fun. Challenge yourself to reignite a passion to find your happier self. To help discover that flame, revisit the hobbies and interests that used to bring you joy when you were a child or teen. This can range anywhere from riding horses to building model aeroplanes, the possibilities are endless!

I love to write everything that comes to mind. I love to create things for my friends and family – loads of DIY crafts

Find your comfort food

This is probably the quickest answer to your question of how to be happy again! And it is completely okay to indulge in eating what you love – but again, sometimes. If you find yourself binge eating every now and then, then your eating disorder needs attention – don’t overlook your health! 

How to be Happy Again: Spoil Yourself With Gifts

While presents and gifts are usually meant for people you care about, there aren’t really strict, rigid rules on how they should work. If you feel as though you deserve a little something after a long few months of work (or perhaps you just want to spoil yourself!), then there’s nothing wrong with getting something for yourself. You should love yourself every single day before you worry about anyone else doing so, and presents are a great way of reinforcing that. Spoil yourself with things like aloha flowers every now and again, or even book a getaway for a little while so that you can be at ease with everything.

I love desserts!    What suggestions do you have for becoming you happier self?

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  1. Awesome tips and such lovely photos! Agree with each point you have enlisted here. Looking for a silver lining, and surrounding oneself with positive and optimistic people are extremely important quotients of remaining happy.

  2. Hi, nice pointers on becoming our happier self. i was impressed with the way you have covered the internal and external aspects, thereby making it a very comprehensive approach. enjoyed reading it, my favourite being the first 2 – “Just Laugh” and “Get Moving”. We all know that it’s easier said than done but taking the initiative and holding ourselves accountable for our happiness is the only way.

  3. Exercising really helps me to stay positive and detoxing from social media. I have stopped checking my updates warly morning. I feel early mornings thoughts remain in your head for a long time. So it should be good and not stressing on what other’s are doing on social media.

  4. Love your post, Sushmita. You have a very good writing style that sweeps the reader away on the journey along with you.

    Your tips on happiness are great! I like the idea of going out on walks to boost my happiness where I talk to my self, about the things I have accomplished and my affirmations. I do end up muttering to myself which is a source of great amusement for others around me. I guess I am contributing to their happiness as well!

  5. Yes it is very important to be happy. An unhappy person not only discourages others around him / her, it may cause serious health problem for the individual. All the possible remedies / tips you suggested are doable with some degree of self discipling. I agree social media is great, but indisciplined use of social media, like anything else in life, can be detrimental. It is also important to have 'me time' to listen to good music, read a good novel, eat good food, or simply sit quietly. Great ideas you shared.

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